Zyfra Tests 5G for Autonomous Mining Dump Trucks in Russia


The 5G expansion is here. Companies from all over the world are trying to tag along and pursue this new technology. Russia is also keen on testing new opportunities, and they already deployed a 5G pilot zone at the SUEK coal company mine in Khakassia. The focus here is to examine the 5G potential brought by Zyfra’s autonomous hauling system.

Right now, they are using BELAZ 7513R autonomous and robotized haul trucks with 130 tonnes of payload capacity as a 5G proof of concept. These trucks are integrated into the Zyfra intelligent mine system, and their focus is to provide safe, very dependable, and efficient mining tech based on AI, IoT, and robotics.

“Robotic dump trucks allow for a significant increase in freight transport production rates (up to 30 %) thanks to a reduction in non-technological downtimes related to human factors (shift changes, lunchtime, etc.), an increase in the average speed of robotic dump trucks during travel and thus an increase in the number of movements per shift (by approximately 20 %).”
– Pavel Rastopshin, Managing Director of Zyfra.

Zyfra already developed a part of the 1.5 km covered network with Huawei equipment. They rely on 2-section base transceiver stations that are working together. The operating channel width is 100 MHz. The main idea behind this project is to test the 5G networks now and see if they are good enough for remote-controlled, crewless transportation, or not. It’s also a good trial for studying the tech advantages provided by this new tech when compared to Industrial Wi-Fi.

Fast data is good data

This also focuses a lot on the functionality provided by the robotic centers. HD cameras generate the video streams, and these are added on top of the truck. This provides real-time information that’s used to control the equipment. And thanks to the 5G bandwidth, there’s no real delay, bringing in better efficiency and value all the time.

“Having used MESH-based Industrial Internet technologies at our enterprises for 10 years, we are testing an alternative for the first time, and it is proving its technological worth.”
– Dmitry Sizemov, Deputy Director of Information Technology of SUEK.

It’s expected for 5G to become a communication standard when it comes to automation quickly. There’s no delay, and since the data transfer speeds are so high, it will be easier to control uncrewed systems, especially when it comes to the more challenging operation. There’s no delay when it comes to controlling, and that can be imperative for remote transport management and control.

BELAZ 7513R autonomous and robotized haul truck 5G operated equipment gear infographic

These robotic dump trucks are boosting freight transport production rates with around 30% since there are fewer downtimes caused by human factors. It’s easy to see that the 5G network has managed to showcase how dependable and reliable it is in the case of open-pit mining sites and equipment in general.

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“4G has changed our lives, and now 5G is transforming our society.  As a technology that combines everything, 5G will give us a new intelligent world.  The mining industry always was and remains an industry of increased risk.”
– Aiden U, CEO of Huawei Eurasia.

To use robotic units like this, the company had to rely on its mesh-based tech from 10 years ago, and the speed was not enough. Now with better data transfer and improved rates, higher flexibility, and value, things are a lot better, and they deliver more consistency. It certainly helps eliminate problems as you focus on results.

Closing thoughts

Right now the 5G technology is changing our society, and it has the potential to help many industries. It will help lower lots of different risks, while also automating tasks and making things safer for people. It’s not going to be the simplest thing to achieve, but with the right ideas and features, the potential is limitless. We hope that this technology will get to expand and reach new boundaries, and this example from Russia is showing just how much potential this tech really has at this time. If you want to see this project in action, watch the video below with about a half-hour of actual footage from the test site.

YouTube: BELAZ Autonomous Mining Truck with 5G

Photo credit: All media shown is owned by Zyfra and was provided to us for press usage.
Source: We have received a press release via email from Zyfra.

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