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Yves Morieux: Too Many Rules Can Kill Staff Productivity [Video]

I have a somewhat favorable opinion about processes, procedures, and policy in the workplace. I could write a bunch of articles about just that. Yet, I also know cases, often related to government and education, where there are rules in place that have been set up a long time ago and were never subject to revision or improvement initiatives. When regulations and wasteful activities steal the productivity out of the whole working day, things can get bad for what the staff is trying to achieve professionally and also about how the people feel about their work.

Some time back I wrote an article about how one should question every process and legacy procedure like an inquisitor, but I found that Yves Morieux found great ways to explain more about how too many rules at work keep you from getting things done in his TED Talk. Check out his book and video below for more info.

YouTube: How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You from Getting Things Done | Yves Morieux | TED Talks

Photo credit: TED Talks

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