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YouTube Vanced to Discontinue Services

If there’s one thing many users find annoying on YouTube, it’s the ads. With double unskippable ads rolling out, it has gotten more annoying. It’s impossible to wish for the recurring advertisements to disappear without paying. On the other hand, this is the revenue that keeps the platform operating, and also, this is the income for content creators. So there is more than one point of view on this matter.

YouTube has to pay specific creators of the videos running on the platform, and the ads are the way to accumulate finances. However, users have the option to get rid of advertisements by paying a certain amount and subscribing to the premium edition of the platform. Numerous people don’t feel like paying to get rid of the ads. Instead, they bear the constant pestering or find another way to get around. YouTube Vanced is one such option, despite not having the permission to use the brand or offer such a service as a way for users to bypass the ads, which means that Google and content creators lose ad revenue.

It is a third-party application popular on Android, serving as an alternative to bypass the ads. Users can stop ads on YouTube without having to spend a dime. On top of that, YouTube Vanced delivers elements that only premium users of the video streaming platform. For example, paid users can enable background play when they’re on mobile and picture in picture.

Discontinuation of the service

The Vanced app has announced its discontinuity after a legal forewarning from Google since the tech giant acquired YouTube. Google acquired the site in 2006 for almost US $1.65 billion, making it a subsidiary of Google.

Apart from watching videos, YouTube also allows the users to create and share content and interact with them by leaving likes, dislikes, and comments as feedback. People can also share videos and make playlists. Not just music playlists but of videos on various other topics and genres.

The widespread alternative is now suspending its services after the tech giant served it a threat. As a response, YouTube Vanced announced its decision to shut down through a tweet.

Vanced will continue to run for users who have the service downloaded on their android devices as of now. However, in about 24 months, the service will turn outdated and stop working as there will be no updates to keep the platform up and running.

Vanced isn’t the first target either to become a victim of the Google legal department. Recently, the tech giant also forced Discord music bots out of service last year. Google did this before they rolled out the testing for advertisement-backed-up integration into the instant message platform weeks after moving the bots offline.

To sum up, people will have to pay for the premium subscription if they want the advertisements on YouTube to stop. There are other apps like YouTube Vanced, but it’s just a matter of time before those face legal charges from Google. While bothersome for some, it’s also understandable that a company will do whatever is their right in order to protect their revenue within the laws.

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