Work and Hang Out in a Virtual Office Space with Kosy


The internet has drastically changed the way we communicate and how we relate to the world in different new ways. With the modernity of the internet and the birth of the World Wide Web more than three decades ago, many aspects of people’s lives were taken by surprise, as in the case of the work office.

As far as anyone can remember, it was common to see employees working within the four walls of an office for at least eight hours straight, five days per week. However, things are slowly changing, and with the acceleration of digital transformation due to COVID-19, this way of working is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Organizations needed to move their physical offices to virtual spaces and adjust to the new normal. As a result, there has been an increase in hybrid working arrangements or even completely remote teams which allowed employees to work together despite being scattered all around the world; all they need is a computer and internet connection.

Due to this massive corporative migration to virtual spaces on the internet, it was vital to create different working spaces like websites, apps, or software where team members communicate and casually hang out. One of the latest platforms to come out is Kosy, a tool where employees can work and hang out.

Welcome to the virtual office

Kosy found that “46% of remote workers feel lonely, connect with your team in your own terms”. To address that, the platform acts as a virtual office for teams to work, communicate, plan meetings, and hang out. It offers its users different functions to make work easier and help them feel at home.

It’s important that members can immediately share their ideas and put them together visually, which is why Kosy allows teams to share screens, open whiteboards, or work together with other work apps. So far, ten different apps are compatible on the platform, such as Google Sheets. For team leaders, they would be able to share daily tasks and progress on each.

What’s fun about Kosy is that it provides users with their own virtual workstations. That way, they can express themselves by adding personal touches to that workspace and sharing it with their colleagues. There’s also a group video-chat function available so you can “walk” up to your teammates and have water cooler conversations.

Even though there are more places like these available online, Kosy offers its users not only a place to work and be more productive but a safe space for all teams to chat freely and spontaneously with each other and feel connected.

Founded in 2021 in London, England, Kosy has gained recognition quickly among remote team leaders, offering several functions with an easy and integral system. It works with about 20 different technologies, including Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SSL by Default. Companies like Canva and Amazon also use this platform to get assignments done.

Working remotely can be tough sometimes, and some workers can get to feel lonely once in a while. Luckily Kosy allows you to connect with your teams on your own terms, share your current work, or work in silence if you want some privacy. The platform has a lot to offer to remote workers and team leaders to connect people and make work easier with brainstorming sessions that will make teams feel closer while increasing productivity.

YouTube: Kosy in 80 seconds

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Jason Strull.

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