Women in IT Week: Bridging the Gender Gap


I have a strong interest in equal rights for all genders and enabling every person who wants to pursue a certain career path to embrace it without any external hurdles. Being in IT myself I am aware that it must seem like a men domain for outsiders but actually this is not because of any restrictions but it seems to be also relating to a degree in lack of interest for women to join such an industry. We want both the lady geeks and the guy geeks and in an equal ratio.

I recently heard of the Women in IT Week which is starting on the first of June 2015. With this article I would like to give you a gentle nudge to have a look at the initiative that is striving to inspire women to consider an IT career. Please share the news as well if you know someone who might be interested in this great campaign.

Diversity for Better Ideation

They key to an innovative working environment is an idea growing working culture and a strong variety of people in the workforce. The more colorful the mix the better and that is not only about where people are coming from or in what roles they work but every team works best when it’s a mix of all genders.

Bridging the Gender Gap

Particularly in IT related areas there still seems to be a lack of ladies joining the workforce. Starting on the 1st and  going until the 5ᵗʰ of June 2015, SITS – The IT Service Management Show, runs their initiative called “Women in IT Week”. During initiative they will showcase personal stories of woman who made it into IT on their blog to inspire other women having a look into the IT industry as well. Make sure you check that out on their webpage.

Why Should You Consider Joining IT?

IT work is everything but a dead end, you will learn more about yourself and your strengths and be able to find activities you excel in and can advance in further. From a starting point in IT Support you can get an understanding on technology basics and how to deal with clients. You can move into managerial positions such as ITSM governance, engineering or development, project management, be a director and become a C-Suite leader.

About the SITS15 Event

SITS is one of the leading recurring events in the service desk and ITSM industry. Whether you are an IT professional, Service Desk Agent, Technology Director or any type of CXO, this event has something in store for you. Beyond browsing booths of industry leading companies offering their solutions, they also have an excellent line-up of keynotes and seminars for you to check out – and best of all, it’s all free. Find out more on our detailed article on the SITS15 event, check out the video or just dive into their official homepage to get all the info you are looking for.WIIT-Women-in-IT-Week-SITS-Infographic-Gender-Gap-Numbers-Data

 Photo credit: Future Internet Open Data EXpansion

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