Make Sure Your After-Life Wishes Are Granted with Wyshbox


Technology is evolving every single day. There are unlimited things you can do on the Internet that help your life become more manageable. You can check your bills, contact a loved one, attend an online class or even buy life insurance. Yes, you heard me. You can purchase life insurance through the Internet—no need for go-betweens or lengthy phone calls and awkward conversations. You can do it all from your computer (or phone). How can you make that happen? You can do that with Wyshbox.

What is Wyshbox?

Wyshbox, by Wysh Life and Health Insurance Company (formerly known as Greenhouse Life Insurance Company, is a service that makes sure your after-life wishes come true. It is famous due to its straightforward process. All you have to do is create a free account, build a personalized plan, get an estimate, and get covered. Easy as that. No need for medical exams or commitments. 

Wyshbox can help you grant a plethora of wishes. First of all, it will save your loved ones from inheriting your debts. In addition, Wyshbox will take care of your loved ones, whether that includes paying for your kid’s college or protecting your partner. One more thing Wyshbox can help you with is to pay for your funeral,  your medical bills, or your landlord so that your loved ones don’t have to. Last but not least, Wyshbox is also interested in your legacy. That’s why they allow you to make a wish that you’ll be remembered for. You can gift a dream wedding, donate to your favorite charity or even send your ashes to space.

But what about the coverages? 

They offer term life insurance with min coverage of $100,000 and maximum coverage of $2,500,000. Their life insurance is supported in the following states: Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. The monthly subscription depends on your coverage. Similar to other types of insurance, the higher your coverage, the higher your monthly subscription. The lowest rate possible is $9 per month. You can extend your coverage until you’re 65.

What will the process be for your loved ones when you pass out? Do they have to get involved with banks and life insurance companies? Well? No.

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A simple process for a modern user experience

The first thing your loved ones must do is start a claiming process (by clicking a single button). After that, Wyshbox’s team will contact them to get the necessary information: 

  • Name and date of birth of the insured
  • Wyshbox membership number
  • Death certificate
  • Proof of identity (ID, passport, driver license)

Once the process is verified and approved, your loved ones can relax and let Wyshbox help them with granting your wishes.

Quick recap

Wyshbox gives you the chance to grant your after-life wishes. You can pay off debt, help your loved ones or take care of your legacy—all of that with a small monthly fee. Once you’ve passed away, your loved ones can follow a simple process to grant your wishes. During this whole journey, Wyshbox is always by your side.

YouTube: Wyshbox – Tailored Term Life Insurance

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Juliane Liebermann.

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