Overview of InsurTech Companies


Trying to find your way around InsurTech companies and startups? We did the digging for you and categorized them in small groups, based on what they do and how they do it.

InsurTech is the combination of the words insurance and technology. That means it involves all the technology stacks involved in insurance apps, solutions, services, and other offerings.

Insurance could possibly mean a lot of things, but today we focus on four segments of InsurTech, which are usage-driven insurance, digital insurance portals, cyber insurance, and peer-to-peer insurance (P2P).

Usage driven insurance

Comparison portals support you to find the best deal for your insurances needs.  Also scaling the service offering based on your demand in dominant in this category of InsurTech companies. Examples for this niche are:

CoverHound – Comparing insurance rates

Oscar – Health insurance with simple explanations

Metromile – Vehicle insurance offerings for low-mileage drivers

Digital insurance portals

Insurance portals are usually consolidating existing insurance service contracts into one app and view. This is value adding for the user to get more visibility into their insurance spendings and what they get for it. If the app recognizes potential savings, they will be informed about it.

Knip – Chat with experts or raise a claim. The Knip app puts you on the fast-lane of dealing with insurance cases (German only)

GetSafe – Manage your contracts and insurance services, no matter by whom they are supplied by (German only)

FinanceFox – Independent app to consolidate all your insurance activities with a click

Cyber Insurance

This involves all things digital. A new field in the market but certainly a very important one for individuals and businesses alike.

Zuroovi – Supports you with consultation and matches you with a local cyber insurance agent

BitGo – Supports you with secure bitcoin and blockchain storage and transactions

Cybernance – Cybergovernance solutions to help you classify and mitigate cyber risk

Coinbase – Platform has helped transactions of digital currencies with a value of more than $5b in over 32 countries securely

P2P Insurance

Friendsurance – Solution supports you to get insurance fees back if you had no insurance claims

If you happen to spot other contenders in this market, please do share below in the comment section. Many thanks!

Photo credit: Christiaan Colen

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