Why the PC Is Still the Best Gaming Machine


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If you’re a gamer that likes to play AAA titles like FIFA, Call of Duty, or Red Dead Redemption, then you will fall into one of three camps: a PC gamer, a PlayStation player, or an Xbox fan. Since the 2000s, it has been a straight fight between these three different platforms, with owners of each often taking to the internet to debate and argue over which is the best.

Of course, each one has its own merits, and they are all good for playing the majority of games, but the PC still retains a slight edge over its console cousins. There are several reasons for this, but these are the main ones.


Some gamers only like to play a handful of titles, often all within the same genre. They enjoy the story, characters, and features offered by these games and are quite happy to keep playing them over and over again. For example, players looking for an adrenaline rush often prefer war games. If you fall under this category, it’s in your best interest to look for a free gaming platform where you can download your war games for pc in one place. This way, you can play all your favorite titles and enjoy HD graphics at smooth framerates.

Others prefer to explore a little more, trying different titles, even if they’re not necessarily the sorts of games they might normally play. These more adventurous gamers will be content with a blockbuster production like Grand Theft Auto or an experimental concept from an indie developer like Papers, Please.

The PC is the ultimate gaming platform for players that want to enjoy this smorgasbord of content. More than 30 years of retro titles are available for players, with little work required to make even the oldest of games run on modern hardware.

Not only that, but PC owners can access the hundreds of different games offered by online casinos. This includes modern takes on traditional ones like roulette, which uses a wheel with differently-numbered pockets. There are usually multiple variants of these games, too, such as live dealer options, multiplayer modes, and several different sets of rules, creating even more choice.

That’s still not all, though. PCs give players access to browser-based games the MS-DOS game library and emulation tools that can play titles from older consoles like the NES and original PlayStation.


A PlayStation needs to be plugged into a television, as does an Xbox. They also need to be connected to a mains outlet and networked to a router via WiFi or an ethernet cable.

A desktop gaming PC also has these requirements, but that isn’t the only form factor available for computer gamers. Improvements in technology have made it possible for recent blockbuster titles to run on a powerful laptop like the ASUS ROG Strix and the Lenovo Legion ranges.

This means PC gamers can, at least in theory, pitch up anywhere and start playing their favorite titles. Of course, the battery life of a laptop will be pretty limited if you’re pushing the hardware to its limits, but it’s still more than a PS5 could manage.

A gaming PC can also be upgraded at any time, giving players the opportunity to experience the latest developments in graphics technology when it hits the market, rather than having to wait for the next generation of consoles.

In the case of ray-tracing, PC gamers have enjoyed the huge improvements in lighting that this offers since 2018, a whole two years before console gamers could.

Why the PC is Still the Best Gaming Machine - Geforce RTC Graphics Card Nvidia
Image: Christian Wiediger / Unsplash


Getting your hands on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is like trying to find a four-leaf clover. Global shortages of silicon chips have hit supply chains for everything from microwaves to new cars, and games consoles have been caught up in this.

PCs aren’t immune from this problem either. The same supply issues are making it hard for gamers to get hold of new graphics cards, and the problem is compounded by the fact that scalpers and cryptocurrency miners are inflating prices and reducing supply.

However, console gamers are simply excluded from getting access to the latest releases until they can buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X. PC gamers, on the other hand, can usually play these titles on their existing hardware, but with the graphic settings turned down.

For this reason alone, it is generally better to be a PC gamer right now, as you can at least enjoy all the newest content.

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