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Water Houseplants Automatically with hûs+ flower

Trudging along 2020, one of the upsides of having people stuck at home due to the lockdown was the opportunity to squeeze out their creative juices again. While some rediscovered their old passions and habits, some learned new and out of their comfort zone hobbies. Left and right, we see people sharing their sewing and knitting projects. In contrast, others invested most of their time in the kitchen cooking interesting dishes and baking a variety of delectable desserts.

But one of the hobbies that really boomed last year involves having houseplants as home decors. I mean, who could blame them? Whether they’re hanged, potted, or shelved, plants definitely give a different glow into one’s house. But what most people don’t really know is that different kinds of plants require different levels of care and the amount of water supplied to them over a period of time. The hûs+ flower saves you from worrying about this problem.

Intelligent irrigation system

The device was designed and engineered in Germany. Derived from the old German term for “house,” hûs+ flower focuses on monitoring your house plants. It helps you gauge and understand your plant’s needs better.

True to its name, the device is called a flower made with polyurethanes where all parts can be detached and replaced. The hûs+ flower comes in 3 different sizes to properly cater to the plant’s needs depending on the kind of plant and pot size. The flower size carries a 300ml (10 oz) water reservoir and is recommended for pot size 22 cm (8.5 in). The flower mini carries a 170ml (6 oz) water reservoir and works better with a 17 cm (6.7 in) pot size. Finally, the flower plus holds a 1000ml (33 oz) water reservoir and is recommended for pot size 40 cm (16 in). The supply of water in each device lasts depending on the plant’s water consumption but on average, lasting for about 15-20 days.

Flower power

The hûs+ flower is powered using two AA batteries, which would last them for a year. The flower needs to be connected through a WiFi connection, so it is best suitable for indoor plants.

Once the hûs+ flower has been planted into the pot and the free app has been downloaded, you may choose from the thousands of plant varieties they have on their database or take a photo via their app. After filling up the water reservoir, you may leave the watering to them.

The hûs+ flower measures the soil’s moisture level and adjusts the water supplied to the plant’s water needs. Its sensor automatically irrigates your plant so you won’t feel bad whenever you forget to feed your plant babies or stop you from overwatering them, which most plants die from. When the water reservoir is empty, you will get a notification from the app. You could also see the statistics and overall wellness of your plant on their app.

In the next coming weeks, hûs+ flower is working on gaining a technical certification and approval according to the CE and FCC standards and start production. Previously, the device was available on Kickstarter, starting at a 25% discounted price of 29€. However, it seems like the funding is now closed. However, you can sign up on their website’s newsletter to know when it will be available and get a 10% discount when you order. The device is compatible with Android and iOS.

YouTube: hûs+ flower – Magic for your plants

Photo credit: The featured image is owned by hûs+ flower and was provided for press usage.

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