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Smart Garden 27: Start Your Own Indoor Garden

An Estonian company, Click and Grow, recently came out with an indoor vertical garden that lets you grow herbs and vegetables in a confined space. It comes with a stand and can also be mounted on the wall. 

Click and Grow launched its first indoor garden called the Smart Garden 3 in 2014, which could grow three plants at the same time. Its successor, the Smart Garden 9, could grow nine plants. Their latest product, the Smart Garden 27, combines three installations of Smart Garden 9 and can grow up to 27 plants.

Smart Garden 27

 Gardening the smart way

The Smart Garden 27 is powered with technology that comes with a patented nano-material soil that provides necessary nutrients, oxygen, and water to the plants. The device comes with a lamp mounted on the base. It has different LED lights, which are meant to increase the speed of germination and growth. The height of the lamp is adjustable, allowing it to be made taller as the plants grow. The whole setup is mounted on a water tank that gradually feeds the soil with the amount of water required for the plants’ growth.

The only thing that the owners need to do is to plug the product in and fill the tank once around every four weeks. The lights are turned off for eight hours every day and are turned back on for the remaining 16 hours.

Smart Garden 27

The Smart Garden 27 comes as a DIY kit including a stand and seeded plant pods. The plant pods look like coffee pods with soil that can be bought from the company’s website. However, owners can choose to grow their own crops as well. 

During a time when people are confined to their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an indoor garden that waters itself brings a little bit of the outdoors. The Smart Garden 27 is currently available at $699.95.

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Click and Grow and have been provided for press usage.
Editorial notice: Update 21st of August 2020 – Click and Grow reached out to us and advised that there is no AI technology involved in the solution. We have therefore removed the incorrect verbiage.

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