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Taking Care of Your Flora Friends with Plant Parenthood

Over the past few months, people have started to take up various types of hobbies to pass the time while staying at home. Some are kicking it back and watching Netflix shows while others are catching up on playing games. Others however decided to try their hand in something new, like planting.

Having a plant in your own backyard or apartment does add color and life to your living space, but taking care of one is quite different. Even taking care of a small succulent might end up getting shriveled if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Thankfully, plant enthusiasts Inga Chen and Dennis Yang thought of a way to help any budding plant parent in caring for their sprouts to grow. Introducing the Plant Parenthood app.


Tracking your plant’s growth

The app started as a way for Chen and Yang to keep track of their growing plant family. Not wanting to be a neglectful plant parent and forget to water all their plant children, they co-created Plant Parenthood.

Plant Parenthood acts as a simple tracker for all your plants. All you need to do is log in or create your own account. Once you do that, you can add your plant to your account, take a photo, and identify what kind it is. You can even put in a pet name for your plant if you want. After that, you can choose the appropriate watering frequency for your plant.

To track if you watered your plant, simply go to the Your Plants tab of the Plant Parenthood. It will show a list of plants you have, a Note and Water button, and when you last watered each plant. Once you’ve watered your plant, just click the Water button and it will log it in accordingly. You can add notes about a specific plant and even take photos to show your plant baby off for the world to see.

You can also view other users and their plants in Plant Parenthood. Just go to the Plant Fam tab to scroll away at photos of other plant babies. You can even comment on another person’s plant and check out a user’s account.

The app is quite new so there’s still a lot of room to grow. However, if you’re the kind of owner who forgets when to water your plants, then it’s worth trying out Plant Parenthood. The app is currently open for beta testing on Android and TestFlight for iOS.

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Sanni Sahil.
Source: Product Hunt

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