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Enjoy Cycling on Water with Manta5 Hydrofoil XE-1 Bike

It seems that technology nowadays is bringing to life all those things we thought impossible or only saw in futuristic movies from the past century. 2001: A Space Odyssey’s tablets? Check. Smart House’s smart home devices? Check. Total Recall’s autonomous vehicles? Check.

Cycling on water? Now that is something you could not see even in the wildest sci-fi movies. Looking like one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s secret designs, a water bicycle is now a reality. The product is the brainchild of Manta5, the company founded in early 2011 by two passionate cyclists – Guy Howard-Willis and Roland Alonzo.

XE-1 Technology

So these guys invented the world’s first hydrofoil bike, called Hydrofoiler XE-1, which uses the same hydrofoil technology that carries America’s Cup yachts out of the water.

Not only is XE-1 the first hydrofoil electric bike, but it is also the first one with the submerge launch capability. This means the cyclist can start riding from a stationary position underneath the water.


Powered by lithium battery technology and 460W e-bike motor, XE-1 utilizes carbon fiber hydrofoils and propellers to provide perfect balance and maneuverability.

The battery is waterproof, of course. One battery charge will give you around one hour of a joyful ride. Charging time? Five hours. XE-1 can reach the top speed of 22 km/h (13 mph), with cruising speed of 9-14 km/h (5.6-9 mph). The bike itself weighs around 29 kg (64 lbs).

XE-1 Pricing

This wonder of technology is still in the pre-sale phase and will set you back €6,590 or about $7,474 in US currency. Furthermore, the price includes a two-year replacement warranty on frame and components and exclusive access to an online educational portal. So if you have the money, it is definitely a cool addition for any committed cyclist.

YouTube: Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 || BIKE ON WATER

Photo credit: All used images are owned by Manta5.

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