VR Lens Lab: Prescription Eyewear for Your VR Headset


For those of us poor souls who have to depend on prescription glasses to see clearly, there are some things that we cannot do, at least not without problems. For instance, watching a 3D movie without difficulty is not something we can boast about, and wearing a virtual reality headset?


Forget about it. But not anymore. Here comes (finally) VR Lens Lab, from Gauss Labs, bringing us the much-needed prescription eyewear we can use for our virtual reality headsets.

What can VR Lens Lab offer?

These are not your typical glasses. This VR Lens Lab eyewear is made exclusively to be inserted into the VR headset. The creators of this ingenious eyewear individually calculate and calibrate all lenses for the best VR experience possible. For additional protection of your eyes, they have also provided an optional blue light protection called Blueguard coating.


Their proprietary Blueguard coating reduces eye strain and protects your eyes from the harmful blue light radiation that digital device screens emit and which interfere with your melatonin production, resulting in diminished sleep quality which can even lead to sleep disorders. Bluegueard VR works by reflecting harmful blue light and protecting your eyes, with minimal impact on normal color vision.

VR Lens Lab has a wide range of products. Currently, you can buy your very own HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift Lens Inserts, either with or without the VR-Adapter, VR Lens Lab Frames, and PlayStation VR Lens Protector.

How can I order?

Via the VR Lens Lab website, of course. The entire VR lenses set will cost you only €39,00 ($44,27), whereas only the lenses go about €20 ($22,70). That’s for Plano Lens. If you want prescription lenses, this will cost you additional €29. RABS Premium Lenses also add €20 to the price. Bluegard coating costs €29 ($32,92).

During the ordering process, you will fill in the details about your prescription. This will allow for the full customization of your product. Every prescription lens will be individually calculated so that the base curve fits your VR set perfectly.

And that’s not all. The VR Lens Lab VR Frames can fit the inside of your VR headset perfectly as they are more narrow than common frames and the designers based them on common VR headset lens shapes. The frames also include anti-fog lens cleaning towels that help prevent fogging up of your VR lenses and headset. VR frame with prescription lenses is a €30 ($34,05) more than just the regular frame.

Your prescription is too high? Don’t worry, if you can’t order directly, there’s an option to request a customized edition, so it seems the guys and gals at VR Lens Lab have really thought of everything.

VR Lens Lab has also created PlayStation VR Lens Protector, keeping your PlayStation VR lenses scratch free as well as protecting your eyes with Blueguard coating. Gauss Labs is also providing strap replacements and foam covers for more comfort through the brand VR Cover, in case you’re interested in those.

Vimeo: RABS lens technology explained 

Photo credit: All product images and videos are owned by Gauss Labs and used with permission. The feature image has been done by Vladislav Skripchenko and is not directly related to the presented product.

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Sead Fadilpasic
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