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Work On Your Mental Fitness With Mendi

A lot of times, a person can be limited by their mental fitness capacity. There is too much information in the world that people need to handle for their work and personal life. But how do you give your brain a workout?

This is where Mendi comes into play. Mendi helps people train their brains to help them focus better and improve their overall performance. The brain is also a muscle, so it needs to be worked on just like any part of the body.

How it works

All you need is the Mendi headset and your phone. You will need to put the headset on and download its accompanying app. Then, you get several mental exercises that require you to focus on it. All the while, the headset would record your brain activity.


Doing exercises 2-3 times a week for 10-15 sessions for each time you use it is just the right amount in exercising your brain with Mendi. It claims that users can improve their mental fitness better than all of the other wellness games and apps with just 5 minutes of using it.

Who else can use this kind of app

Mendi is based on neurofeedback technology. This technology is used by a huge number of clinics and physicians. Its technology enables better feedback and monitoring of the brain’s activity during using it. Users can see their performance and track how far they developed themselves while using it.


Aside from doctors, a lot of sportspersons, engineers, and artists have asked for a better exercise to enhance their brains. They wanted to work on their brain to help them in their respective careers. For them, focusing on better cognitive abilities would also ultimately increase their overall well-being, and Mendi is just the right tool for that.

It is more than exciting to see this kind of new technology and we hope that a large number of people can use it. If you’re interested, you may head on to Kickstarter to back it up, starting at $299.

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Source: Mendi press release / Kickstarter

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