‘Vampire Survivors’ Is an Indie Roguelite That Will Take You on a Thrilling Ride


If you’re a fan of roguelite indie video games, then you’ll want to check out Vampire Survivors. Developed and published by Luca Galante, also known as “poncle”, the game was released for macOS and Windows on October 20, 2022, with ports for other platforms and consoles coming out a little later. It’s a thrilling ride that will take you on a journey full of monsters and magic as you unlock more and more abilities and characters.

If you’re looking for a new indie game to sink your teeth into, look no further than Vampire Survivors

If you are someone who loves a good challenge, Vampire Survivors is the perfect game for you. It will test your skills and problem-solving ability like no other; staging intense battles with all sorts of powerful creatures. It’s simple but absolutely lovable and maybe even the good kind of addictive if this is your cup of tea.

This roguelite will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to survive wave after wave of monsters

Are you ready for an intense challenge? This roguelite will definitely provide that for you. As you try to outrun and outsmart wave after wave of monsters, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat as you level up and unlock more content and stages. Looking for combinations of items and strategic movements both attack and survival are key in this game. But as many roguelite games work, expect to lose. You need to gather coins throughout your playthroughs and with that, you can unlock additional skills or improve your attributes.

With its retro graphics and soundtrack, Vampire Survivors is sure to please any fan of old-school games

If you consider yourself a fan of old-school video games, then Vampire Survivors might be a must-have. This game takes throwback to the next level with its pixel-style graphics and infectious retro soundtrack (Daniele Zandara, Filippo Vicarelli). Sure, these features alone make the game quite appealing; but once you dive into play, you soon discover that it offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Because it can be played primarily with just one hand, it might also be an interesting pick for gamers with disabilities. Despite the fact that it has been only around for a short time, it’s received hundreds of thousands of very positive pieces of feedback and the first DLC has also already been delivered. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Final words before you die and start over?

Death is inevitable and it will happen frequently in Vampire Survivors but they managed to build the game in a way that doesn’t feel punishing, even if you lose now and then. It’s a very lovable title and it should not be easily discarded without having a second and maybe third look at it. It’s fairly inexpensive and you could currently get it for about five bucks on Steam. If you have the Xbox Game Pass, it’s currently included and you don’t have to purchase it first in order to try and play it. The smartphone version is free but features some ads. Fantastic title. Strong recommendation from me to you.

YouTube: Vampire Survivors – Console Launch Trailer

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by poncle.

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Fantastic title with a great price.'Vampire Survivors' Is an Indie Roguelite That Will Take You on a Thrilling Ride