Upgrade Your Laptop with a Touch Function Using Neonode’s AirBar


25-October, Stockholm – Swedish sensory technology manufacturer Neonode have now announced the US launch of their AirBar. This device is made for people to upgrade their existing laptops with a touch functionality.

Didn’t spent the money on a touch-enabled laptop but would like to upgrade now? Well, it might not seem reasonable to sell your laptop and spend the extra cash on the latest model with a touchscreen but there is another solution for you.

You simply place the AirBar behind your keyboard on your laptop, facing the display, and the sensors in the bar will calculate the coordinates on the display and compute touch input accordingly just like if you had a touchscreen all along.

You can even use gestures like you know them from native touch input. You may scroll, pinch, swipe and zoom just like you’re used to. And it gets even better. Due to the fact that this is an optical sensor delivering this emulated input, you may even use the device with gloves, a pen, brush or something else.


The AirBar comes in different models to match a variety of standard display sizes. 15.6, 14, and 13.3-inch models are already available but smaller and larger sizes not seem to be offered yet. They will be offered at major stores like Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Walmart.com and the AirBar website for $69.

The box comes with just the AirBar sensor bar that is plugged in by USB and it’s ready to go. No setup, no calibration, and no software installation just simple plug and touch to support you getting more out of your computer experience. Neonode designed this to work with “most” portable Chrome OS systems and all Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Laptops.

“We developed this product knowing there is really nothing else like it on the market,” said Remo Behdasht, senior vice president of AirBar Devices at Neonode. “People want touchscreen capabilities, but until now their options were very limited by brand and cost. Our successful pre-order phase was further confirmation of the massive appeal and demand for this device.”

If you ever wanted to up your laptop game with a touch function, then this might be just what you’re looking for.

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YouTube: The AirBar sensor – Get touch on your new or existing PC

Photo credit: Neonode
Source: Quote has been supplied as part of a public press release.

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