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Shape.Care Smart Glove Provides Data for Your Training

Remaining healthy through regular exercise is a necessity of the human body and should be taken with the utmost regard. A healthy body leads to a better mindset and consequently a better lifestyle. However, getting into an exercise regiment can be difficult to get into and people usually fall off it if they don’t discipline themselves to do it regularly.

Smart gloves from Shape.Care

While the conventional method used to be getting a  professional trainer, the lack of open gyms these past few months make this service hard to come by. In place of that, people are slowly choosing tech to guide them. Gadgets like smartwatches or armbands can help monitor calories burnt and heartbeat.

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Although these gadgets are helpful in their own regards, they aren’t the ideal choice as they aren’t accurate nor are they comprehensive. Allocating regiments and workout plans require more comprehensive data, and that is where Shape.Care comes in. It is an e- training system that gathers and uses comprehensive data from its user.


Making workouts easier

The Shape.Care acts as a personal e-trainer is for people both new and experienced to working out and can also be helpful for trainers to analyze their client’s data to ensure that everything is going smoothly. The system is based on hi-tech gloves that the user wears to monitor and analyze biodata, calculating what is best for the person and their individual needs. The gloves are also designed to be minimalistic to ensure that their physical structure doesn’t hinder workouts or create discomfort.

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The data is recorded and sent to a mobile app developed by Shape.Care that will then analyze the data. The app includes various training plans made by professional trainers and the data, along with the user’s end goal, is used to decide which plan would be best for them. The app also displays comprehensive data during the workout and can assist someone new to workout plans with their form and technique in real-time without the need for a physical trainer. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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