Upcycled Tire Speakers from Japan


When design meets environmentally friendly intend upcycling happens. In this case an old tire was refurbished after being used and turned into a speaker for listening to music.

The Seal tire from Yokohama looks neat and gives a cool feeling to your room. If you are going for an industrial or automotive theme in your interior design, this will definitely make a great impact. Placing a speaker in the tire is a great idea and it looks to be nicely done as well.

We couldn’t test the audio quality ourselves and unfortunately the spec sheet does not give hints on the covered frequency bands but just from the acoustic features alone, this should make for an interesting purchase. The only data they shared is that the speaker has “full range”, but without numbers to back that, I wouldn’t expect miracles.

Yokohama Seal Tire Speaker Bluetooth Design Mono Unique Music Gadget Trend Japan Crop

You can hook the tire speaker up to your smartphone or other player device via Bluetooth. So you don’t have to worry about planning cables to be wired across the room. Just place it in a corner and hook it up with a power outlet.

With its $776 price tag, the tire speaker is definitely not a budget product but manufactured for the premium buyer segment who are primarily interested in authentic design. For another $49 you can get a stand for the speaker as well and the shipping costs hit you hard with $199. On top of that, this is only the pricing for a single item. If you want stereo sound, you better go for two items instead of just one.

Yokohama Seal Tire Speaker Bluetooth Design Mono Unique Music Gadget Trend Japan Size Example Crop

Only 50 of these has been manufactured in the initial batch and it is not clear if more are going to be produced. If you don’t mind the pricing and don’t mind the fact that you can’t test the audio quality prior to making the purchase, you better go grab these tire speakers right now. Each one of them is unique.

Photo credit: Japan Trend Shop
Source: Fancy / Japan Trend Shop

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