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Titan: Finally an Affordable Rugged Smartphone? [Video]

Now and then there’s a rugged smartphone to hit the market but they are usually niche and unfortunately don’t get that much attention. Hailing from Shanghai, China, smartphone maker Unihertz is now trying their luck with the Titan phone. The Titan rugged smartphone has already been successfully funded through Kickstarter and the planned MSRP is $359 with a target delivery of shipping the first units this December. Titan is running on Android 9.

Next to popular features such as a dual SIM card slot, fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, NFC, and Face Unlock, without a doubt, the most dominant feature of the Titan phone is a physical keyboard with navigation trackpad, similar to many models by Blackberry or even the very first Android-based smartphone, the HTC Dream. Here’s a feature trailer for you to check into details. Enjoy!

YouTube: Titan – Finally an Affordable Rugged Smartphone?

Photo credit: All materials have been provided by Unihertz as part of a press kit.

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