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Unihertz Smartphone with Keyboard on Titan Pocket

The first smartphone was widely known to be introduced in 1994 by IBM which later brought about the evolution of smartphone designs that we know from companies such as Motorola, Nokia, and Blackberry. While we now have the current designs that we know and love from Apple and Samsung, one design that has made its bold mark in the industry is the Blackberry Bold.

The Blackberry Bold’s design introduced a specific premium look and functionality that clicked with many professionals. It also introduced what is arguably the best physical keyboard for a smartphone. Although we’ve moved past that era of physical keyboards, a Shanghai e-commerce company called Unihertz is about to bring that bold statement back into the industry with their smartphone called the Titan Pocket.

Titan Pocket
Image: Unihertz

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Known for its affordability, rugged body, and drop resistance, Unihertz has created a niche market in terms of the sturdiness of its smartphones such as the Titan smartphone that was launched in 2019. In the same way, the Titan Pocket carries that durability with its aluminum-framed back designed to last many falls.


Aside from that, the Titan Pocket comes in at about 90.90 grams, making it 30% lighter than its predecessor. It’s also loaded with a 4,000mAh battery that will last you for days on a single charge. Much like the Blackberry Bold, the keyboard of the Titan Pocket is both tactile and versatile. The keys are programmable and you can easily assign a key-shortcut to your favorite and much-needed apps. Since this carries the latest Android OS 11, you can download your apps such as Google Maps. You can also use the keyboard to scroll through the touchscreen.

Titan Pocket
Image: Unihertz

The Titan Pocket also comes with a dual sim slot, 3.5mm jack, USB-C port, and NFC. It also has several software capabilities like Bluetooth and infrared capabilities, as well as fingerprint unlocking. Its IR port is especially nifty as it allows users to control electrical appliances like TVs, ACs, etc. The screen measures 3.1 inches and has a humble resolution of 716 x 720 which isn’t too straining for the eyes.

Right now, Unihertz has already reached its goal for the Titan Pocket on Kickstarter with a little bit more than 2 days to spare. If you’re missing that physical, business feel of a smartphone, the campaign is still offering the device starting at $221.

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Photo credit: The images are owned by Unihertz and have been provided for press usage.
Source: Rob Smith (World Economic Forum) / John Velasco (PhoneArena)

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