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Ubisoft Joins the NFT Trend with Quartz

For better or for worse, NFTs are gaining popularity in the gaming space. Now, Ubisoft joins the trend with Ubisoft Quartz.

NFTs are cryptographic assets on a Blockchain with their main characteristics being that they have unique identification codes and metadata. This means no two NFTs are the same even if they look similar.

This is currently a highly debated topic as one side of the fence thinks NFTs are a useless cash grab while the other side thinks NFTs will change gaming forever. The most argued point, however, is that NFTs create true digital ownership. This is because instead of your items being limited to a particular game, they instead exist in the Blockchain.

Ubisoft Quartz
Image: Ubisoft

Quartz and its features

Ubisoft sells Quartz as offering players more agency over their digital items by allowing them to buy and sell NFTs which they refer to as Digits. The first game to use the platform is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. For now, all Digits available for sale do not affect gameplay and are only cosmetic.

Quartz is hosted on the Tezos Blockchain. Ubisoft argues that this makes the system extremely energy efficient. They claim, one transaction using the Tezos Blockchain has an energy cost equivalent to streaming a video for 30 seconds.

Here are some of its features:

  • Limited Editions – All Digits will have a limited amount available which will be unchangeable as they will be stored on the Blockchain. Once each copy of a product runs out the developers will not make any more.
  • Serial Numbers – Ubisoft says they will be adding serial numbers to all Digits. These can even be viewed in-game.
  • Player Names – Every Digit will store the name of not only the original owner, but all subsequent owners. This means any fame or infamy that becomes associated with a particular item will be tied to specific players.
Ubisoft Quartz
Image: Ubisoft

Purchasing requirements

Ubisoft has released the following list of requirements to purchase a Digit in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

  1. Play the game on the Ubisoft Connect PC platform
  2. Reach at least XP level 5 in the game
  3. Activating two-factor authentication for Ubisoft connect
  4. Being 18 years or older
  5. Being a resident as well as being located in an eligible territory

The success or failure of this venture will be pivotal to the future of gaming. Will NFTs become an integral component of gaming or just be a fad that dies in a few years? Only time will tell.

YouTube: Ubisoft Quartz: Announce Trailer | Playable NFTs!

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