Typewise: The Keyboard That Helps Reduce Typos


As a writer, I hate to admit it, but I have clunky fingers. This means that I commit a whole lot of typos when I’m using my phone. Luckily, Typewise has the solution in the form of its free keyboard app, which they call “the future of keyboards.”


The Typewise keyboard app sets itself apart from other keyboards with its different features. The keyboard’s layout and gestures may take a little getting used to, but the new form factor is a nice change from what we’ve all been using with our standard QWERTY apps.

Some of these unique gestures include swiping left on a key to delete your current text and swiping right to undo recently deleted text. You can also swipe up on a letter to capitalize it instead of having to use a shift key, while long and short swipes on certain keys generate quick punctuation.

There are also several premium functions available on the app. Some of them include text replacement, unlimited languages, vibration on keypress, amongst other things. These advanced customizations can only be unlocked for about $10 a year.


First off, they don’t try and hide the fact that there is a learning curve here. They tell you upfront that it takes most folks about a week to learn, which is good because learning to use the uniquely designed keyboard takes a little effort. It took me just over four days to get the hang of the basics and another day or two to peg down the unique gestures and shortcuts the app has to offer.

The keyboard has been designed with polygonal keys instead of the standard square keys for better size and hit detection. Of note, the traditional spacebar has been replaced with two smaller space keys at the home position for a more natural typing flow.

Marisol Typewise Screenshot Smartphone Typo Software Keyboard Onscreen App Hexagon Keys No Permissions Rights Needed Works Offline Dark Side

Typewise boasts a nearly typo-free writing experience with 100% offline usage and no unnecessary permissions requests. None of your information ever leaves your phone, allowing you to type with confidence and peace of mind.


So does it reduce typos? Simply put, yes. Putting aside all its unique functions and the neat visual layout, it holds to its primary purpose. I’ve been using the app for about two weeks now, including writing this article, and I have noticed a significant reduction in typos. I can only say that I am impressed.


The Typewise keyboard might seem a little gimmicky and strange, but innovation often does. Typewise is a new way of looking at typing. It’s unique, offering different options than the other keyboards apps on the market. It’s new, exciting, and with its bold and modern approach to tackle old unsolved issues, you might find it interesting enough to try it out. You can get the app for both Android and iOS.

Is it worth it? It certainly feels innovative to me, and it’s definitely worth the time I put into it. Make sure you’ll try it at least for a week or so to get used to it before you judge it. It takes that long and maybe longer to even potentially accept a new way of how we enter text into our devices.

Photo credit: The images used are owned by Typewise and were provided for press usage.

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Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett
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