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TU Delft Plans Digital ID Solution in the "Trustchain" [Video]

Here is the latest concept video from TU Delft. This time around, they are featuring their ideas on how a digital ID could work out, what the requirements would be and how people could benefit from technologies such as facial recognition.

Reportedly, TU Delft has joined a task force to work on such a solution with other partners such as BZK, IDEMIA, and CMS. They are hosting this on their very own Blockchain innovation, the “Trustchain”.

If you want to learn more about this endeavor you can check out their post here. What do you think about such an approach to modernize ID and recognition systems? Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

YouTube: TU Delft – Digital ID for use on your phone

Photo credit: The feature image is a screenshot from the video itself. All used and embedded materials are owned by TU Delft and respective third parties.
Source: Video description below the videopress release

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