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Truffls Creates App That Lets You Swipe For The Right Job

A couple of years ago, Tinder brought us a new way of interacting with people. Sure its main goal was helping people meet each other for a possible relationship. Others though used it for other purposes, whether it’s just to make new friends, create a circle of contacts, or even headhunt for a job opportunity. That last bit seems far-fetched, but trust me; some do it.

With this came a wave of apps that were inspired and followed suit of what Tinder accomplished. These ideas vary from simply swapping old bags for new ones to swiping for contacts to have a better network in your career. Tinder isn’t also hanging its laurels either and occasionally releases a new feature to their app. Now, Truffls GmbH adds to the growing number of companies following this trend. They introduced the truffls app which will help people look for a job with just a swipe.

The right job

The company created the truffls app with the idea that “New Work starts with New Recruiting.” While companies still do the usual recruiting process, truffls offers a more modern approach.

Just like Tinder, job seekers can simply create their account accordingly in truffls. This includes importing necessary documents into their account for potential job hunters to look at.

After that, the app will suggest jobs that fit their need and they can swipe away until a match is made. From there, both parties can message each other in-app and proceed to the next step of the job application.

The truffls app is pretty much a unique way to find talent, but it also ensures companies that applicants are more than accustomed to the digital world. Of course, this is important for any organization that wants to future-proof their company of any new changes.

Currently, the app has over 1,000 companies using it with over 400,000 applicants. If you’re out to look for new work, truffls is available on both Android and iOS. However, if your company is willing to try this new recruiting app, you can opt for a plan which starts at €499.

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