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Tinder to Introduce Swipe Night for Interactive Adventures

Dating trends, like everything else in our lives, have undergone major changes in the last couple of decades, thanks to technology. Online dating has become the norm rather than the exception, and swiping has become a sort of game. So, it’s perhaps not a complete surprise that last week, the world’s most popular dating app Tinder announced that it’s launching Swipe Night on October 6th.


What’s Swipe Night?

Swipe Night is a sort of “Choose Your Own Adventure” experience directed by Karena Evans of Drake’s music video fame. This experience basically creates situations wherein people’s choices impact their matches. The format of the story is a first-person post-apocalyptic adventure where Tinder members will decide what happens next. The choices not only affect the story’s progression, but also the matches the players get.

The window of opportunity is only seven seconds. Within those seconds, the users would have to deal with “moral dilemmas and practical choices.” Just another night on Tinder then, right?

“We can’t think of a better way to break the ice than over emojis and the apocalypse,” say Tinder representatives in the press release. The actors playing “you” and “your friends” agree. “Wouldn’t it be much more fun to be at brunch and say, ‘We met because we both decided to drive through that ring of fire in Swipe Night!’?”, actress Angela Wong Carbone told Cosmo. Other cast members are Shea Gabor (you) and Jordan Christian Hearn (your friend).

The game would be available for US-based users, starting on October 6 from 6 pm onwards every Sunday of the month. The content would be accessible for 6 hours, and the first season would have a total of 6 episodes (really capitalizing on the Halloween vibe there, Match Group!).

Swipe Night will save your story choices onto your profile and enable you to match people based on their choices. Perhaps that would help us all to avoid dating serial axe murderers – after all, one would hardly match someone who chose to bury all their matches in their back garden!

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Jake Dela Concepcion. All other images shown are owned by Tinder and were provided for press usage.
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