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New Toshiba EV Battery Is Charged in 6 Minutes, Lasts 200 Miles

500px-Toshiba_logoTokyo, Japan, October 3 — Toshiba develops a new battery that can increase the range of electric vehicles (EV) up to ~200 miles (320 km) and is charged in only 6 minutes. While the range is not superior to current EV batteries, the charging time beats Tesla’s Model 3 (215 miles capacity charged in 5-6 hours) as well as the Chevy Bolt EV (238 miles capacity charged in 1.3 hours).

Whoever will put these batteries in their EVs, they are likely to disrupt the market in the future by improving the effective travel speed. Next to the range, the charging speed is one of the most disputed aspects of EVs and could help to be more competitive with cars that run on fossil fuels.

Toshiba builds next-gen SCiB  battery

The acronym SCiB stands for Super Charge Ion Battery, and their latest model has been developed to double the capacity of the battery by making use of new anode material titanium niobium oxide.

Prototype of 50Ah next-generation SCiB Toshiba Battery Pack EV electric vehicles cars range photo parts hardware low temperature cold area energy supply solutionPrototype of 50Ah next-generation SCiB (111mm x 194mm x 14.5mm)

This material is a lot less likely to experience lithium metal deposition while the battery is in a rapid charging state or in cold conditions, therefore less likely to degrade over time or experience internal short-circuiting.

A good EV battery for cooler areas?

The next generation SCiB has a lifetime of approximately 15,000 charging cycles and still has about 90% of the original capacity after 5,000 charges. As the testing of the 50Ah prototype showed good results even in low-temperature environments (14°F/-10°C) or, this kind of battery could be even interesting for colder areas of the planet. Not every battery works well in cold environments.

New SCiB EV Battery Toshiba Comparison sheet drive ranges against vs charging times overview companies models car Li-Ion pack

Leadership insight

“We are very excited by the potential of the new titanium niobium oxide anode and the next-generation SCiB,” said Dr. Osamu Hori, Director of Corporate Research & Development Center at Toshiba Corporation. “Rather than an incremental improvement, this is a game-changing advance that will make a significant difference to the range and performance of EVs.”

Next steps

Toshiba said to continue developing energy solutions to offer better products in the future. They are targeting the fiscal year 2019 to commercialize the next generation of the SCiB. Parts of the research was subsidized by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

YouTube: Toshiba: The Rechargeable Battery, SCiB

Photo credit: Toshiba / Christopher Isak (TechAcute)
Source: Toshiba press release
Editorial notice: The feature image represents a random electric vehicle and does not relate to Toshiba batteries.

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  1. The 200 mile figure is obviously not the range of the vehicle – that will depend upon how many battery cells are included. The 200 mile figure means that these batteries when sized at around 40kWhrs can be recharged in 6 minutes.

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I would like to tell you already today that I want to buy your new battery, as soon as it is on the market. I register today and order as soon as the price is known in the performance size around 30 kw! Please inform me as soon as you have any news. Thank you for your super commitment!
    The German automotive research is obviously still in the gasoline engine crash sleep!
    I already drive a Mitsubishi ev and would be glad to change the batteries in about 2 years with your great batteries.
    [Postal address has been removed for privacy reasons]
    Google translation of:
    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    Gerne möchte ich Ihnen schon heute mitteilen, das ich Ihre neue Super Batterie kaufen will, sobald diese auf dem Markt ist. Ich melde mich heute schon an und bestelle sobald der Preis bekannt ist in der Leistungsgrösse um 30kw! Bitte informieren Sie mich rechtzeitig, sobald Sie diesbezüglich Neuigkeiten haben. Vielen Dank für Ihr Super Engagement!
    Die deutsche Automobilforschungsabteilung ist offensichtlich immer noch im Benzinmotorrauschschlaf!
    Ich fahre bereits ein Mitsubishi ev und würde mich freuen die Batterien in ca. 2 Jahren mit Ihren Superbatterien wechseln zu können.

  3. Charging A 40 kwh battery in 6 min. means you have to provide a power of 400 kw. How is this solved technically?
    Google translation of:
    “Eine 40 kwh Batterie in 6 min. laden bedeutet man muss eine Leistung von 400 kw zur Verfügung stellen. wie wird das technisch gelöst??”


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