Top 50 Robotics Investments in the Last 12 Months


Next to AI, VR, and some other rather popular buzzwords, one of the top trends in science, technology, and engineering today is the field of robotics. But that’s more than some creepy humanoid robots that pretend to be people, even though they often look obscurely unreal and as if they have been built in the 90s and not in 2018.

But robotics is a truly wide field and next to many questionable approaches there are some great companies out there who do amazing work and build robot innovation every day. Even though every new video on YouTube by Boston Dynamics is almost always bound to become a viral Internet sensation, there are many other interesting companies that dwell in this sector.

Top 50 robotics investments

We live in interesting times and the significance of robotics was also identified by capital investors such as venture capitalists and other people who fund startups with the hope of a future return on investment. Here is the list of the top fifty biggest funding and investment interactions in the sphere of robotics, worldwide, in the last twelve months.

PositionCompanyTypeInvestmentAnnouncedHQ Location
1UBTECH RoboticsSeries C$400,000,000Nov 15, 2017Shenzhen, China
2Auris Surgical RoboticsSeries D$280,210,782Aug 4, 2017San Carlos, United States
3CarbonSeries D$200,000,000Dec 20, 2017Redwood City, United States
4NautoSeries B$159,000,000Jul 19, 2017Palo Alto, United States
5UiPathSeries B$153,000,000Mar 6, 2018New York, United States
6PROCEPT BioRoboticsPrivate Equity$118,000,000Feb 20, 2018Redwood Shores, United States
7Desktop MetalSeries D$115,000,000Jul 17, 2017Burlington, United States
8Brain CorporationSeries C$114,000,000Jul 19, 2017San Diego, United States
9Farmers Business NetworkSeries D$110,000,000Nov 30, 2017San Carlos, United States
10RokidSeries B$100,000,000Jan 18, 2018Hangzhou, China
11Horizon RoboticsSeries A$100,000,000Oct 20, 2017Beijing, China
12NinebotSeries C$100,000,000Oct 20, 2017Beijing, China
13Preferred NetworksFunding Round$95,000,000Aug 4, 2017Tokyo, Japan
14NuroSeries A$92,000,000Jan 30, 2018Mountain View, United States
15ispace technologiesSeries A$90,200,000Dec 13, 2017Tokyo, Japan
16PrecisionHawkSeries D$75,000,000Jan 24, 2018Raleigh, United States
17Innoviz TechnologiesSeries B$65,000,000Sep 7, 2017Kfar Saba, Israel
18Peloton TechnologySeries B$60,000,000Apr 5, 2017Mountain View, United States
19Geek+Series B$60,000,000Jul 13, 2017Beijing, China
20ROOBOSeries B$53,000,000Sep 7, 2017Chaoyang, China
213D RoboticsSeries D$53,000,000Apr 27, 2017Berkeley, United States
22Oryx VisionSeries B$50,000,000Jul 19, 2017Petah Tiqva, Israel
23VicariousSeries C$50,000,000Jul 25, 2017San Francisco, United States
24Drive.aiSeries B$50,000,000Jun 27, 2017Mountain View, United States
25SkydioSeries B$42,000,000Feb 13, 2018Redwood City, United States
26Wonder WorkshopSeries C$41,000,000Oct 30, 2017San Mateo, United States
27Farmers Business NetworkSeries C$40,000,000Mar 7, 2017San Carlos, United States
28AImotiveSeries C$38,000,000Jan 4, 2018Budapest, Hungary
29FiveAISeries A$35,000,000Sep 5, 2017Bristol, United Kingdom
30Swift NavigationSeries B$34,000,000Jun 28, 2017San Francisco, United States
31KesprySeries C$33,000,000Dec 5, 2017Menlo Park, United States
32AiroboticsSeries C$32,500,000Sep 7, 2017Petah Tiqva, Israel
33UiPathSeries A$30,000,000Apr 27, 2017New York, United States
34FogHornSeries B$30,000,000Oct 4, 2017Mountain View, United States
35MarkforgedSeries C$30,000,000Nov 1, 2017Cambridge, United States
36VolocopterSeries Unknown€25,000,000Aug 1, 2017Stuttgart, Germany
37OusterSeries A$27,000,000Dec 11, 2017San Francisco, United States
38Cambridge Medical RoboticsSeries A$26,000,000Sep 18, 2017Cambridge, United Kingdom
39KnightscopeEquity Crowdfunding$25,000,000Sep 21, 2017Mountain View, United States
40KeyMeSeries D$25,000,000Sep 14, 2017New York, United States
41Fetch RoboticsSeries B$25,000,000Dec 6, 2017San Jose, United States
42Kinova RoboticsSeries Unknown$25,000,000Sep 28, 2017Quebec, Canada
43Locus RoboticsSeries B$25,000,000Nov 20, 2017Wilmington, United States
44MagazinoSeries A$24,800,000Feb 27, 2018Munich, Germany
45MOJIOSeries BCA$30,000,000Nov 30, 2017Vancouver, Canada
46SpheroSeries Unknown$23,000,000Apr 7, 2017Boulder, United States
47Seven Dreamers LaboratoriesSeries Unknown$22,800,000Jun 15, 2017Tokyo, Japan
48SlamtecSeries BCN¥150,000,000Jul 12, 2017Shanghai, China
49Geek+Series ACN¥150,000,000Mar 20, 2017Beijing, China
50Qieon ResearchSeed$21,000,000May 25, 2017Kansas City, United States

Many of these companies have their HQ in Silicon Valley but it’s interesting to see that there are also some other regions that try to get a foot into the door, but will we live to see androids on the streets and around us like in a novel by Isaac Asimov? I’m only saying I, Robot and the “three laws of robotics“.

Photo credit: Paul Hudson
Source: Crunchbase

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