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Goodwill and Sony Host DIY Spider-Man Cosplay Contest: Here Are the Best 5 Costumes

Rockville, US, July 7 — Goodwill worked together with Sony Pictures to find the best DIY Spider-Man costume designer. The rules? The contenders should buy costume materials in Goodwill stores. Next to many other great submissions, Tiffany Mink was announced to be the winner of this Spider-Man costume competition.


As the winner of the contest, Tiffany Mink was sent on a trip to see the latest Spidey movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming“, by Marvel Studios, at its premiere event in Hollywood. “Tiffany’s crafty sense of style and creative approach set her apart from the crowd,” said Jim Gibbons, president, and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “She captivated our attention by combining the can-do attitude that makes Spider-Man a longtime fan favorite with the DIY aesthetic Goodwill shoppers have cultivated for more than a century.”

Top 5

Apart from Tiffany Mink, there were four more finalists which great Spidey costumes. All are fantastic designs!

Tiffany Mink SpidermanSpiderman Costume Goodwill Sony Contest Outside Wall SittingSpiderman Costume Goodwill Sony Contenst Urban Photo Brick WallSpiderman Costume Goodwill Sony Contenst Outside Park PhotoSpiderman Costume Goodwill Sony Contenst Inside Photo Carpet Door Black

As it was not made public who of the finalists took which place in this top 5 list, kindly consider the list to be ordered randomly.

All submissions

If you want to have a look at the outfits of other contestants that did not make it into the top 5, you can check out the gallery on the Spider-Many DIY website. Which one is your favorite?

About Goodwill

Goodwill organizations are innovative and sustainable social enterprises that create job training programs, employment placement, and other community-based programs by selling donated clothing and household items in more than 3,200 stores collectively and online. Local Goodwill organizations also build revenue and create jobs by contracting with businesses and government to provide a wide range of commercial services, including packaging and assembly, food services preparation, and document imaging and shredding.

Winner Video: Tiffany Mink

Photo credit: Goodwill / Sony Pictures / Challenge participants
Source: Lauren Lawson-Zilai (Goodwill Industries International press release)
Editorial notice: The quote and “about text” was provided as part of a public press release.

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