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Free Yourself by Wrecking This Book

On the weekend I went to a bookstore in Frankfurt, Germany, and found a real gem by Keri Smith there. The book is called Wreck This Journal (To Create Is to Destroy) and it’s definitely not your average self-improvement / productivity guide. It’s interactive and very motivating, to say the least.

Keri Smith is guerilla artist and one of a kind. With her books she has cut the boundaries of what books can do for me. Her books are not transferring knowledge by reading text, but they free you and support your sense of creativity by following this book’s challenges. Do them alone or do it together with someone else. It’s all great fun!

I don’t want to give away too much of what this book actually contains, but I wanted to at least give you a sense of what you will encounter during the journey through this book. This book does not contain prose, it won’t tell you a story about someone else, and it will not give you a guideline how to be a better version of yourself. It will however give you emotions which you never or rarely felt before.


This book challenges you to destroy it. It challenges you to burn pages off. It challenges you to stick your fruit stickers into it. It challenges you to scribble all over. It challenges you to take the book with you into the shower and it challenges you to go much further.

There are few rules to how you complete the challenges and there is no particular order to it. The only things it asks you to do is to carry it always with you and to just do whatever the opened page tells you to do. No second thoughts and no regrets allowed.

Personally I found this to be more than innovative. The experience truly unleashes emotions in you that rarely surface in us or never did before. Usually we buy books and try to keep them in a neat and tidy state. This book, however, does whatever it can to get wrecked as good as possible.


Wreck This Journal (To Create Is to Destroy) will not tell you about a journey someone else did. It will take you on a journey. Physically and emotionally you will be traveling around and do things you never did before. Crazy things? Perhaps. But what is crazy? Destroy to create. Create to destroy. Free yourself from the idea what you thought books are.

If you happen to buy this book, make sure you share some thoughts and photos with us below in the comment section. Have a blast!

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