Thumm: A New and Improved Yelp


July 25, 2014 (Washington, DC) We all can relate to a time when he had uncertainty about going out. The first question coming to mind was normally, is it going to be worth it? It’s a problem that everyone asked or asks themselves at some point. Your normal routine would be to call some friends to take the chance of going out and waste an outfit or to search on Google outdated reviews, which sometimes is unreliable and a lost bet. Sure, there is social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to determine if an event is good; however, not everyone has an account registered with them and some people would like to have that information aggregated into one platform. How can this problem be resolved? Solution: Thumm, which will answer the “Is the event worth it?”

Thumm_logo_mainThumm is a live events based mobile application. At Thumm, we offer users a unique experience by finding live events based on their location. With the help of an active chat platform, and social media feed of the hashtagged event, users are able to receive an accurate review on the live event. Worried if the reviews won’t be accurate?

Thumm answers this question by only allowing the users to ‘Thumm In’ and ‘Thumm Out’ of an event is they are within a five-mile radius to increase the accuracy of the reviews. While at the event or after, the user is able to rate it by ‘Thumming’ Up or Down.


Thumm originated from the constant disappoint on going to an event and finding out it wasn’t worth attending. That’s why Thumm is different from Foursquare, contends Co-founder Julian Washington. “Foursquare only helps you find the places to go with friends. Before Thumm, there wasn’t a mobile app that provided live reviews from social media, live reviews from users that were actually at the event, while increasing the dialogue amongst people with shared similar interests. Thumm answers all those missing pieces.”

thumm-iphone-mobile-ios-screensot-app-mapThe fascinating thing about Thumm is that they will begin to cater to a diverse set of users, whether it’s families, party goers, museum enthusiasts, or festival goers in the coming months. Apart of their dynamic marketing plan, they are only focusing on all event goers in the heavily traffic neighborhoods of Washington, DC.

While users are able to benefit from the app, we are discovering day by day, vendors benefit the most. Vendors benefit the most by receiving an aggregated accurate list of the demographics of their users per their request. The goal of Thumm isn’t to create another event based mobile application but a live and accurate event based application to increase the comradely among users, and for the vendors to provide their customers the ultimate experience. It’s a win- win situation, and who doesn’t love that?

The app will be available for download starting today! We are currently based and available in Washington, DC on the Apple iPhone awaiting the success in DC before making headway in other cities.

TechAcute Staff Opinion

We really think this is a new and fresh approach to location, event and people related content. We have prepared our accounts and look forward to this awesome service growing. In a little while we will surely look back and will be proud that we were with them right from day one. Great stuff!

About Thumm

Found in 2014 by 3 Howard University students with a potential launch date of the fourth week of July, who believed in connecting the world/people by finding live events with accurate reviews based on their location. The hope of Thumm success is to have a movement of people yearning to Thumm into an event or to read the reviews before attending event. For more information or inquiries, visit or email Their headquarters is located in DC thriving neighborhood, Georgetown.

About the Author

My name is K. Shelby Alexander and I recently joined the fantastic company of Thumm about 2 months as the acting Chief Operations Officer. Since joining Thumm, I’ve grew to nurture the new mobile app as my own by loving and envisioning a game changer that was being created called Thumm. In between, balancing 2 jobs, the 3 co- founders, Gerard Lewis, Julian Washington, and Richard Owusu , have brought me onto their team to promote their vision to reality. As a team, we hope to provide users just not live events but changing the overall experience on how events are brought to one. Let’s join the movement and please download Thumm on the app store and view on web app. 

Photo credit: Mark H. Anbinder

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