Three Most Relevant Technology Trends in 2023


Technology dominates the world in every aspect of life, especially with the increased cloud-based applications due to the current trend of working remotely. Research showed that the possibility of using smartphones will escalate from 16 billion to 18 billion from 2022 to 2025. Business leaders, especially IT leaders, should emphasize shaping endpoint management to cope with the technology trends in 2023.

Changes are occurring in every sector, including business, e-commerce, education, and the restaurant industry. IT specialists are also aware that the process of digitalization is still ongoing. However, new scopes are created for improvisation. Therefore, the basic technology trend for 2023 must comply with digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and the Metaverse.

Priorities in technology

This year, IT leaders are working to gain visibility for growth in the remote work landscape by prioritizing insights into technology. According to Statista, there was an expenditure of around $487 billion only on the devices back in 2021 only in America.

Statista data in IT
Image: Tech sales/Statista

This helped reach goals for tech investments and enhanced digital transformation which has been going on for the past few years. With that, here are some trends that companies should look out for.

Enhanced digital transformation

Digitalization is the key to almost every industrial sector. According to a report from Financial Times Focus that was supported by Apptio, the pandemic has intensified the growth with a drastic shift up to 69% in business and finance.

Many CEOs from multinational corporations think of implicating more plans related to digital transformation. Even government CIOs have to face the challenges of digital transformation for their own good. The enhanced digital transformation will make a lot of money, worth around $6.8 billion by 2023 will increase the growth of the organizations.

Digital transformation
Image: Pixabay/Pexels
Artificial Intelligence

AI is here to stay as it continues to help organizations use smart algorithms to gain traffic and profit through the internet. It can process data in real time, recognize shapes and speech, and assist users intuitively.

Businesses are getting more into its benefits. There’s a high chance that investments will rise to $15.7 billion in AI concerning things such as public institutions and private organizations.

Digital immersion

The immersive online environment is evolving and will continue to change the way we operate in the digital space in the next coming years. Already, people are becoming more internet-oriented, and the majority of business executive thinks that they can work better in their home online. This will eventually benefit both parties; employees, and employers.

Moreover, the Internet of Things helps increase the efficiency of remote working as electronic devices communicate and exchange data and information through smart devices, 5G networks, and cloud computing. Hence, it requires amplifying cyber security to ensure the safety of the company data while shared online.

remote work
Image: Olia Danilevich/Pexels

Large organizations in industries like banking, fashion, entertainment, and video gaming are starting to think outside the box to create a platform for global brands. As such, the exploration of the metaverse can help to keep up with the competition with innovations.


IT leaders should thrive in the future by utilizing the modern management of devices. The expansion of devices should have expanded by the implementation of modern management solutions.

It requires organizations to be tech-savvy and could-ready for the digital transition. With this, IT leaders will remain a step ahead of time to meet the needs of the organizations to make it ideal for everyone.

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Hay Dmitry. The other images have been taken by Pixabay and Olia Danilevich, respectively. All images used are only symbolic.
Source: Statista / Statista / Gartner

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