23 Companies That Mostly Employ Remote Workers


Decentralized workforce is key to some of the most innovation-driven companies out there. Instead of hoarding experts in a particular office location, they let staff work from home. This means they can employ experts from around the world and don’t even need to make them relocate. Believe it or not, a relocation for a new potential job is a deal-breaker for many, especially people who settled down and have a family.

Employing remote workers is similar to bringing people from different locations into a virtual team. The only difference is that instead of being in different office buildings, staff is scattered around the globe forming a virtual team with as many locations as the team has members.

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Is remote staffing a startup trend?

We asked our followers on Twitter where they would prefer to work and we got the following results. Before the 31st of July 2017 you’ll need to vote in order to see the results. After the poll has been closed, the results will be visible for all without voting.

Who’s big in employing remote workers?

Here is a list of 23 companies who embrace remote working with the majority of their staff. From having a first and second look, we can tell that most of these are somehow related to software development, many are from the US and all of them are fairly young companies, with the oldest being founded in 2005.

NameCategoryYear FoundedFunding Amount (USD)HQ City, Country
AutomatticBlogging Platforms2005$317,300,000San Francisco, US
SococoCollaboration Software2007$12,258,618San Jose, US
GitHubSoftware Development2008$350,000,000San Francisco, US
UshahidiSoftware Development2008$2,095,740Orlando, US
TeamSnapSports App2009$47,577,276Boulder, US
PlexMedia App2009$11,000,000Los Gatos, US
ParselyAnalytics Software2009$6,052,753New York, US
DataStaxEnterprise Software2010$190,000,000Santa Clara, US
BufferSocial Media Software2010$3,900,000San Francisco, US
InVisionUX Design2011$135,200,000New York, US
Help ScoutCustomer Service2011$12,980,147Boston, US
TrelloTask Management Software2011$10,340,000New York, US
ZapierSoftware Development2011$1,300,000Mountain View, US
I Done ThisTask Management Software2011$380,000San Francisco, US
StudySoupSocial Media Software2012$2,106,349San Francisco, US
DoistTask Management Software2012$40,000Santiago, Chile
SeeqAnalytics Software2013$12,189,731Seattle, US
TimelyTime Management Software2013$1,100,000Oslo, Norway
TaxJarTax Software2013$600,000San Diego, US
BlossomInternet of Things2013$102,600Irvine, US
GitLabSoftware Development2014$25,620,000San Francisco, US
NodeSourceSoftware Development2014$15,571,708San Francisco, US
TeleportSearch Engine2014$2,500,000Palo Alto, US

What do you think? Is this the future? Good bye to office culture? Are we going to stick to collaboration software to work together or perhaps immerse in VR office locations and kind of work near each other but not in reality? I would love to hear what you think. Please share your thoughts below in the comment section!

Photo credit: Kathy Ponce
Source: Crunchbase

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