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My Thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online

Fantasies, stories of courage and adventure and chronicles of thrilling ancient quests have always captured our attention. From Tolkien to Rowling, we have devoured them all with great interest and enthusiasm. Though our present lives are thrilling enough in their own way, who would not want to be a part of such adventures if they were to happen in our plane?! That of course in itself is a dreamy thought but with a little help from technology, this dream can be made real, at least virtually real! It is for such adventurous minds that Xboxes, Playstations and online games were created. One such online escapade that has been launched recently is “The Elder Scrolls Online”.

Scrolls – The Chronicle

To the new band of adventure seekers, The Elder Scrolls is a series of Role Playing Games set in an imaginary world called Nirn on a continent called “Tamriel” and follows the adventures of the 4 ruling powers of the continent “The Mede Empire”, “”Hammerfell”, “Black Marsh” and “Aldmeri Dominion”. As in many other fantasies, the backstory to this RPG encompasses mythical creatures, elves, orcs, sorcerers, magicians and impressive fights between good and evil. The original game, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Zenimax Online Studios and Vir2L Studios was well received due to its great storyline and intricate detailing of the worlds. The Elder Scrolls (I – V) was released between 1994 – 2012 and ZeniMax announced the development of the online version in May of ’12.

Elder Scrolls Online is set a millennium before Scrolls V – Skyrim and has been put forward as a “multiplayer online RP video Game” for computers with its XBOX and PS4 versions hitting the stores in June. The game allows a player to choose from 4 different classes and join one of 3 alliances (Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact) to fight for the throne of Tamriel. The key Antagonist in this game is a Daedric Prince called “Molag Bal” who is intent on domination of the imperial city. The three factions are not only set against each other in a grand battle for the throne but also against the forces of Molag Bal.

Great example screenshots with actual graphics

Scrolls – The Elements

Though it is a multiplayer game with no offline mode option, it has been made known by its creators that players who do prefer to go solo will not be disappointed with the range of contents for them. The intricate detailing that was a major highlight of the earlier games continues to impress the players in its online version too. Improved combat systems incorporating real time targeting and options that allow customization of armours to design individual looks and develop tailored characters for every player are some of the striking features of the game.

Great battle visuals and a remarkable range of weaponry keep us hooked on to the game. The highest ranking player with every alliance is crowned the emperor of that alliance and is provided with special powers. Options to maintain and review achievements of self and the alliance together with Player vs player games that provide opportunities to win gold and purchase new and enhanced weapons entices the players well enough.

Another interesting inclusion is the use of Megaservers that automatically connects players with their alliances and guild mates. This relieves the players from having to choose servers themselves.

The Final Battle

As in most games of this scale, Elder Scrolls has its share of technological and other issues but going by history, ardent gamers can assure themselves of a visually stunning, impressively engaging and thoroughly satisfying adventure in the realm of Tamriel for a reasonably acceptable charge. With a strong storyline, enhanced technology and marvellous customization options, your cry for an incredible quest away from the realities of life is well answered by Elder Scrolls Online. Have you picked your alliance yet?

YouTube: The Elder Scrolls Online – The Arrival Cinematic Trailer

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