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Create Cool Cinemagraphs in Seconds with Loopsie App

Loopsie is a new app that lets you quickly build cinemagraphic loops right from your Android or iOS smartphone. This kind of capture is also known as “living photo” because they look almost like a still image, but there is one aspect in it that is animated.


That could, for instance, be objects in a nature shot that are moved by wind or photos with water in them. Cinemagraphic media or “cinemagraphs” are not exactly new, but Loopsie made it really simple and convenient to just capture a beautiful loop without planning or bringing your tripod and whatnot with you. Just take a good shot to start.

What can you do with the Loopsie app?

When you use the Loopsie app, you can easily record a certain scene, and the stabilization algorithm will process the footage so that it doesn’t look shaky. Loopsie gives you HD quality, and you can switch aspect ratios as you need them, all in a user-friendly UI.

You can control and edit the animation space easily by just “drawing” onto your capture and therewith highlighting the part of the snap that you’d like to look “alive.” Afterwards you can edit the loop animation until it looks just perfect, or edit it later on if you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

Crashes sometimes


It crashed a few times on the Google Pixel XL where we tested it on, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will crash on your phone. If it’s stuck you just force-close the app and try again. If you lost a cool loop-able moment, it’s gone though. That aspect is a little frustrating, but for any casual experiments, Loopsie will give you some cool cinemagraphs with only a few taps of work.

Loopsie is basically free to use, but they will place a watermark on your loops. If you don’t like that, you can pay a fee of around $2.36 to remove the watermarks forever, in association to your iTunes or Google Play Store account.

More art styles and apps

If you’re curious about this, you can either download it yourself for Android or iOS. For the case that you just want to see what the users are doing with it, you can check out #loopsie or #loopsieoftheday for examples. If you’re looking for alternatives you can also check on Motion Stills from Google or Boomerang from Instagram/Facebook. They are not doing the exact same thing but are also interesting. If you’re looking for a good hyperlapse app, check out Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile as well. More interested in photo editors? Here are our picks of the best photo editor apps of the year.

Already tried it out? Share your Loopsies and your opinion with us below in the comments! We are looking forward to seeing your cool cinemagraphs. 🙂

YouTube: Make A Cinemagraph in 5 minutes || Loopsie Review

Photo credit: Hernán Piñera / Giphy (1/2)
Editorial notice: Not all displayed cinemagraphs have been created in Loopsie app. Some are just there as an example to what cinemagraphic media is.

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