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This Mini A/C Cube Gadget Saved My Summer

What a/c to buy? Is there even a good one? The summer has arrived for good and people are out there again on the hunt for ways to cool down at home or in the office. Of course, you can do only that much to help to get the temperature down without properly proper air conditioning systems that are part of the building but some gadgets actually work.

Today I want to show you a really small air conditioning gadget but calling it an air conditioner might be a bit too much. It’s more like a cube that works as a fan but due to water vaporization features, it can also cool the overall room temperature down a bit. There’s a little tank on the side in which you can add water and truth be told, adding a few small ice cubes will give even better results.

Bigger not always better?

A few years back I had a huge Honeywell fan monster that worked in a very similar fashion but it was just really noisy and the wind from the fan too strong if you wanted to get any results. That one as well I would also not label as an a/c. I don’t really like cold air blown at me too much, and maybe this is also a factor for you, but this little cooling cube does not bother me too much. It’s very silent when it operates and the wind doesn’t really bother me. Also worth noting that it only costs about 10% of what the Honeywell product was a few years back.

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We removed the USB cable before adding water into the tank. No worries. 😉

What else is worth taking note of? The device uses a USB power plug so you could even attach it to a computer or a power bank. The mini a/c cube is also quite portable and you can easily carry it around with you, for instance when you go to bed and want a bit of cooling in the bedroom. The LED lighting doesn’t really help the cooling function but it’s kind of soothing and gives a nice atmosphere. You don’t need to keep it lit the whole time though as its fully optional.

You might encounter various versions of the product

I am not sure but I think this is a generic product design and you might encounter the product with different labels on or with a slightly different variation of buttons on the top but I am sure they all work in a very similar fashion. Here are two products that I have found on Amazon in the US (one is here, the other is here), which are very close to the product that I got over here in Germany. I know I said it before but this product is not a proper a/c – it’s a fan that uses water vaporization to help the temperature go down. Think of it as a better fan and not a fully loaded air conditioner.

I hope this helps you in your search for a good way to chill or at least gave you a bit of inspiration for your product hunt. I like the unit that I got and it already helped me feel more comfortable in the home office. I also have nothing against Honeywell in general but it was a good way to compare two products with a similar system.

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