The Role of Technology in Mathematics Education and Research


Mathematics is often called the toughest of all subjects for both learning and teaching. The introduction of different online platforms in education has improved the quality of education and learning. Technology has made it easier to study difficult subjects like mathematics. The 20th century has been the age of technology and inventions. The education system has experienced a whole new platform of learning during this age called distance learning. Here in this article, I am going to elaborate on the role of technology in teaching and learning math.

Importance of technology in education

Modern inventions in the field of technology have completely evolved the world’s education system. Today, students can easily get notified about their coursework and notes while sitting at home. It is not necessary to attend school regularly like in the old days. The introduction of multimedia, virtual classrooms, online learning platforms, and 3D projections has made learning easier and more comfortable.

Today’s educational framework is the result of continuous discoveries in the field of IT. The educational curriculum also keeps changing according to innovations in science and technology. For example, if you compare the math curriculum of two different time zones then you would observe a clear difference in problem-solving methods and teaching methods.

Role of technology in mathematics education

The introduction of these new teaching techniques and gadgets has made mathematics easier for both students and teachers. New teaching activities and problem-solving methods are introduced in the modern math curriculum. Special 3D & 4D image projections are used for a better understanding of geometry and trigonometry. Following are some tools and techniques that are widely used in math classes;


Multimedia is not only used in math class but it is commonly used today in all classes and conferences for different presentations. It is the oldest innovation of technology in the field of education. on multimedia, teachers present their lectures and also use visual graphics for students to better understand the concepts. Mathematics images and graphs are difficult to draw on board, so multimedia has saved our teachers from drawing all those complex graphs by hand. Furthermore, different AI software is used to draw graphs and trigonometric images easily.

Real-life examples

Math instructors of today’s world use real-life examples in solving math problems for students to better understand the concepts. Teachers are encouraged to relate all the math problems and concepts with real-life scenarios and provide the applications of mathematical formulas in practical life. For example, students are asked to calculate the area of the school park.

Live lectures

Today, students can attend their math lectures anywhere, anytime. Live lectures are conducted on different platforms like online academies, Google Meet, and Zoom where students can interact and ask questions on the spot. Recordings of these lectures are uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms, where students can easily access the study material whenever they want. So if your teacher couldn’t help you understand a certain math problem, then don’t worry; you can still seek help from YouTube or any other study website.

Virtual classrooms

The trend of virtual classrooms started during the corona lockdown when education mode was transferred to distance learning. The famous virtual classrooms are Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and a virtual academy. These platforms provide an online environment of a real classroom. Students can interact, chat, and share notes there. You can save important math formulas and question procedures in your classroom.

Online calculators

Another major role that technology has played in mathematics education is the introduction of online calculators. Special mathematics calculators are available online to help you solve complex mathematical problems. These calculators also provide a step-by-step guide to solve the entered problem. You can also get different approaches to solving a single problem. The online calculator can solve a mathematical problem in seconds that would otherwise take an hour to solve.


Below are the tidbits about the above-discussed role of technology in mathematical education and research;

  • Technology has played an important role in improving our education system and curriculum.
  • We are living in the age of technology, so it is important to upgrade our lifestyle and education system according to modern discoveries.
  • The major roles that technology has played in math learning are the introduction of 3D and 4D images, virtual classrooms, and online calculators.
  • Online calculators are used today in every math class, to solve complex problems in seconds. They also provide the complete procedure for solving a particular problem.
  • Online calculators also help in understanding and memorizing math formulas with easy shortcuts.

This was all I wanted you to know about the contribution of technology to learning mathematics calculations. I hope you can now better learn mathematics by using and applying the above-mentioned tools for math practice.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Robert Moreno.

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Guest Author
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