The Right Cup Outwits Your Senses to Believe Your Water Tastes Like Fruits


You don’t like drinking pure water, but you’re on a diet that keeps you away from sugary drinks? “The Right Cup” is a new product that puts the taste right into the container’s components. No sugar and no calories and yet you are promised to feel like you are consuming a fruit-blended drink. Can this even work?

How is that supposed to work?

Some parts of The Right Cup have been prepared with an aroma to smell like flavors such as mixed berry, orange, apple, peach or cola. This has been health tested, and no issues were found. Drinking from The Right Cup is safe.

As our sense to smell is related to our sense of taste, smelling something while drinking could suggest our brain that we are drinking a substance that tastes just like what we smell as well at that same moment. With The Right Cup, you trick your brain to believe it’s drinking an orange flavor drink, even though it’s only water and you smell the orange aroma.

The aroma of such a cup is said to last for about six months if you hand-wash the cups and store them upside down. The Right Cup is also meant to be a help for people with diabetes or similar medical conditions by allowing them to drink not only pure water but something that immerses the taste of a flavored drink.

Let me get this straight

In a nutshell, The Right Cup does not change anything about the water you drink. Nothing is added to modify the taste of pure water. The product is only about tricking your senses. You can, however, try sparkling water. It is also said to work fine.

Story of The Right Cup

“After being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 30, my doctor told me to stay away from sugary drinks and only drink water,” says Isaac Lavi, CEO and Founder of The Right Cup. “I knew it was the right thing to do, but I hated the taste of water and missed my favorite drinks. As an expert in the field of scent marketing, it was only natural, that I seek a scented solution for my new problem. Now, I am asking the Indiegogo community to support The Right Cup to help bring our solution to thirsty people around the world.”

Consumer perception

Some of the users of The Right Cup have been claiming that they don’t experience the product as advertised. On social media platforms, such as YouTube, they complain that just smelling doesn’t make them taste the pure water differently.

Others complain that the aroma fades too fast, rendering the product to be no more than a regular cup. There is the possibility that this solution does not work equally well for all people.


The Right Cup team is redirecting their website URL to their Indiegogo project site, which makes it a little hard to comprehend the whole story of this company. On that project website, you are able to use the “InDemand” function to order The Right Cup. The price for a single cup is currently $29 plus shipping costs.

Being unable to verify the solution as of now, I would suggest every potential buyer first to try the product out, if they have the possibility for that. If it’s not possible to try it out for you, you should check out the refund policy first before you buy. There is a risk that you are one of the people that possibly can’t experience this sensory trickery effect.

Despite that, The Right Cup is an exciting and innovative solution that addresses a variety of problems. I am interested in seeing more such products from this company, and maybe other companies, in the future.

YouTube: The Right Cup – The First Fruit-Flavored Cup

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