The Light Phone: Innovative Solution for Those Who Want to Be Free from Buzz


Time passes, and we can find ourselves more and more addictive to a new technology. That is not just an empty statement because we are all witnesses to unquestionable attachment to our smartphones.

Maybe some of us don’t see a mobile/human relationship like such, but how often do you take the phone without a particular reason, just to check it? Probably unreasonably too many times. So there it goes, you might be addicted to your phone.

There is a more obvious list of facts that tell you are under phone addiction:

  • You don’t think about disconnecting from wi-fi anytime
  • You don’t pay attention to what is going on around you
  • Phone is always near you and under your careful watch

If you are sick and tired from all of the tech notifications, trends and all those buzzes that cause your addiction, try going light, use this minimalistic phone called Light Phone, a minimalistic cellphone, with no apps or camera, just with the clock and a calling feature.

It is credit card sized, shaped in the way to fit in your wallet. You will only see it when you have to answer a call. It can store up to 10 speed dials, great if your job is only related to answering the calls, or you definitely need to focus on your work and not social media.

What does it look like?

the light phone specs_edited

The Light Phone was created by two enthusiasts who have firmly decided to fight against what great tech industry offers to us. They say how much our phones become our nervous habit and our “invisible crutch.”

“We love their illusion of productivity & stimulation that is socially acceptable to abuse. Multitasking is a myth, it is addictive and exhausting. It is glorified procrastination. When we consume so fast, there is no way for us to appreciate anything, and appreciation gives our lives meaning & purpose”, they wrote on their website.

They have shared a thought how much technology should actually help us to appreciate life more, but, instead of serving, she enslaves us in a way. “We don’t want to buy more stuff, to be told we’re not enough by our feeds, to be tracked or reduced to some data point. We are not anti-technology, we are humans and we’re taking our lives back”.

So if you are also sick of daily intake of notifications, likes, and definitely with lack of memory space for another app, go light. Make your life much easier and stress-free. Go on tech diet by using the Light Phone.

The Light Phone is available on their website for $150. It’s available in white and black design options.

YouTube: Designed to be used as little as possible

Photo credit: Light Phone

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Natasha Saru
Natasha Saru
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