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Unity Short Film ‘The Heretic’ Now Complete [Video]

When it was teased in the past, we already showed you a glimpse of what the short film The Heretic was going to look like. Today we got word that the complete short has now been published and can be viewed by the public on YouTube.

Written and directed by Veselin Efremov, The Heretic can now be watched by you and everyone on YouTube. Indeed, this is to be considered a Unity demo, but it’s also a bit more than just technology. I find that they are not only showing random complex animations because they can. They managed to find a good way to do all of this and still maintain the right level of esthetics in movie production.

Find more of their short films, or read more about how The Heretic it was produced, and who was involved in the production in detail on their website. Enjoy!

YouTube: The Heretic – the complete short film, created with Unity 2019.3

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Unity Technologies.

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