Tertill: The Solar-Powered Weed Control Robot


Gardening is a way to beautify a home or a space. You feel a sense of happiness and content whenever you see your plants grow healthy. But to maintain its health and beauty, one must always check if there are any weeds that are obstructing the plant’s growth. So you have to at least weed your plant 2-3 times a week to make sure that it grows healthy.

We also tend to use chemicals to prevent the growth of weeds in our garden, but this may also affect our health and those of our loved ones as well. What if you can do the weeding without exerting any effort or use any harmful chemicals?

Great minds from Franklin Robotics developed a solar-powered robot that can automatically weed your garden for you every day. They called it Tertill. Joe Jones is the one who designed the weeding robot. It is solar-powered and it charges itself while weeding your garden non-stop. Tertill can weed your garden 24/7, whether it is raining or the sun is up.

How does it work?

Tertill is designed to weed your garden automatically. It has built-in sensors which distinguish your precious plants and weeds. Joe Jones said that the Tertill has very simple programming so it comprehends that weeds are short and plants are tall. What if your plants are still small though? Tertill actually comes with a plant collar that you can put around your young plants so that Tertill will avoid it and look for other potential weeds to eliminate.

Tertill Weeding Robot Franklin Robotics Gardening Machine Solar Powered

How does Tertill remove potential weeds?

Once Tertill determines a potential weed, a spinning string trimmer activates and cuts the weed from the base. It will continue to cut a potential weed from the base so that it will not give any chance for the weed to grow, eventually, it withers and dies.

How often do I charge Tertill?

Tertill is solar-powered so you don’t really need to gather it to be charged. It harnesses the power of the sun and stores the energy gathered in its battery. If the weather is cloudy, Tertill tends to work less, but if the sun is blazing, Tertill is aggressive and it will look for weeds non-stop around your garden.

What if Tertill gets stuck?

Tertill’s wheels are designed to be diagonal and it also has a four-wheel-drive motor so it can move through soft soil, sand, and mulch. It could also climb slopes if there are any in your garden. Tertill can also be controlled using your smartphone, so if in case it gets stuck your phone will receive a notification on where it is stuck, and it also automatically shuts down to protect itself from harm.

What if Tertill wanders beyond your garden?

It is best to set up a perimeter for your garden to allow your Tertill to maximize its weeding capabilities and also prevents your Tertill from wandering away from your garden. Tertill has the same programming as the Roomba – sweeping bot – and other vacuum bots that we buy to do the cleaning of the house.

Tech specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 8.25 x 4.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.10 Kg)
  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable
  • Charging: Built-in Solar Panel
  • Wireless: Bluetooth LE
  • Drive: 4-Wheel-Drive (Extreme Camber)
  • Weed Whacker: Nylon String
  • Backup Charging: Micro USB Port

What are the advantages of a Weeding Bot?

  • Productivity – It allows your plants to get all the nutrients it needs because weeds are also plants so they also feed on the same nutrients as your plants. If you eliminate the weeds every day, your plants will thrive more.
  • Diligence – It will always weed for you. Every day 24/7. This will allow your plants to grow properly without any competition.
  • Gardening Limitation – this is very helpful to gardeners who are older because of the physical hindrances that older people tackle. Tertill will weed their garden effortlessly for them.

Tertill is a very convenient device for gardeners like myself, to assist in the daily weeding of the garden. This will surely save time and effort and at the same time make the plants grow properly and produce great fruits and vegetable for the household. I believe that Tertill is not limited to plant produce but also for your flower beds or any other type of garden that could benefit the gardener.

As of now, their Kickstarter project has been completed and they are taking new orders on their website too. They are charging $299.00 and ship your Tertill in between two and three weeks.

Would you be interested to own a weeding bot like this one? Tell us your thoughts through the comments section below. Thank you for always following TechAcute! Have an awesome day!

YouTube: Tertill Kickstarter Video

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Franklin Robotics and were provided as part of a press kit.

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Xz Jopillo
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