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LG Tiiun: Next Level of Green Living at Your Fingertips

LG tiiun is LG’s modern freestanding indoor gardening appliance that enables even the most novice of gardeners to cultivate vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the comfort of their own homes. Tiiun offers many benefits of a full-featured garden without worrying about pests or unfavorable climates. With LG tiiun, you can enjoy fresh produce at your fingertips year-round, no matter where life takes you.

Indoor Smart Gardening Appliance
Image: LG Electronics

Tiiun is LG’s new solution for indoor gardening

LG’s tiiun (Korean for “to sprout”) is scheduled to be revealed at CES 2022, but we have already seen a glimpse of the new solution. But what makes it different? We’ve discovered indoor gardening appliances before, such as the Click and Grow Smart Garden systems or similar designs from Ikea, but usually, those are not enclosed and not climate controlled. So the innovation with the new freestanding indoor gardening appliance LG tiiun is primarily about the fact that it helps you to control the temperature and light to mimic a natural environment for your herbs and greens.

LG Smart Garden Indoor Appliance
Image: LG Electronics

The LG indoor garden tiiun provides you with two shelves with a total of twelve pods in which you can plant your greens. For that, you can separately purchase pre-made seed kits that already include nutrients and everything the seed requires for germination. Thanks to these seed kits and the technology that controls the plant environment, growing greens in your own home can be done very easily, and even if you don’t have a green thumb, the chances of killing the plants are low.

Growing Plants
Image: LG Electronics

LG also included a smart gardening system that supplies the plants with water eight times per day on an automatic program. This, in combination with the inverter compressor and a flexible weather control system, helps to create optimal conditions for organic growth and develops the exact amount of moisture to support growth without the need to study tutorials and watch heaps of gardening YouTube videos beforehand.

Grow plants even without gardening experience

LG has communicated no pricing details as of now, but considering the rest of the LG smart home and green living ecosystem, it’s likely that all of this technology will not hit modern homes cheaply. Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, shares in a press release, “LG tiiun is a practical and convenient solution for busy consumers who want to enjoy a greener, healthier lifestyle at home,”… “A stylish addition to one’s home or apartment, our smart gardening system makes growing herbs, leafy greens, and flowers fun and simple, even for those of us with zero gardening experience.”

LG Tiiun - Next Level of Green Living at Your Fingertips - Living Room Lifestyle Shot Night
Image: LG Electronics

The LG tiiun plant growing system seems like an interesting solution and introduces innovative features that will help users grow fresh greens and herbs without any experience in gardening. This might be a nice addition for one’s future smart home if you have the budget for this sort of appliance. The annual Consumer Electronics Show, also CES 2022 for short, will start on January 5th, and visitors can review more details about the LG tiiun and LG tiiun mini at the digital exhibition booth virtually.

YouTube: LG tiiun – feature video (Korean)

Photo credit: All media shown is owned by LG Electronics and was provided as part of a press release.
Source: LG press release

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