How Technology Helps Business Owners Save Money


It is quite possible that the title of this article should have been – How Technology Helps Smart Business Owners Save Money, since there are many business owners and managers who still do not use technology enough and who could make some serious changes in the way they spend their money. Not using technology in this way today is madness, especially when you consider how much money you can save by being smart about new tech.

Reducing the bills

We will start from the very, very basics – the bills that every business has to pay regularly and which can be greatly reduced with smart use of new technology. For example, waste of electricity can be reduced by employing modern light bulbs which require much less electricity than the old ones. Here is an entire article on this. Water bills can be reduced by installing water-saving fixtures and irrigation systems. You will save the most on paper, though, by switching to electronic mail, e-signatures and by printing out only what is absolutely essential.

Saving on communication

Do not fear, we will not recommend that you stop talking to your employees or to prohibit them from talking to each other. We are talking about cutting down on company phone use. Today, there are so many apps and pieces of software that allow all kinds of communication at prices that are dramatically lower than those asked of you by the phone companies. Moreover, these modes of communication are better for company communication as they allow group chats and conversations, as well as file sharing which can further speed up and enhance the communication between employees.

Improved efficiency

Another way in which many business (if not all of them) lose money is through inefficiency of the employees who spend too much time on tasks that are not vital or that are not at all contributing to the business’ success. With modern technology, it is easier than ever to track their daily workload and performance. The days when you would get everything in writing and had to go through it are long gone with new workforce organization software and even apps.

Better analysis

Running a business is a long series of tries, failures and successes. As a business owner or a manager, you come up with a new practice or a new way of doing things and then time shows you how successful this is. With modern technology, modern analysis software and record tracking programs, this is not only easier to do, but also quicker. In turn, this means that you will be able to make the necessary changes more quickly, further improving the way in which your business works.

Sensible purchases and renting

It was not long ago that you, as a business owner, depended on local stores and perhaps traveling salesmen when you needed to purchase something new for your office or whatever your business might be. Today, with online shopping and the availability of products and services on a much more wider scope, it is easier than ever to find great deals. For instance, if you need to buy office furniture, it is easier to find the best deals that do not have to be in your area.

Closing word

In short, technology has made it extremely easy for business owners to save money on both the most mundane things and those that directly have to do with the ways in which the said businesses make money. In today’s world, if you do not employ technology to help you run the business, you are missing out on a lot.

A lot.

Photo credit: Kate Ter Haar

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Leana Thorne
Leana Thorne
Leana Thorne has been blogging about technology and its role in business for years. She is always ready to learn new stuff and share her knowledge.
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