2 Post Racks: An Answer For Business Owners


2 post IT racks show ideal use in small spaces and can well cut down on the floor space in which other racks require. Two post racks allow for comfortable access to the equipment and cables. Those who use telecommunication and networking equipment find that these post racks are an ideal choice.

Two-post racks offer consumer’s protection of their infrastructure by providing increased security and outage protection when the consumer would least expect this to occur. This rack is efficient and well worth the purchase.

Depending upon if the consumer is an installer, consultant to businesses, a manufacturer or distributor, if a style rack is going to meet the demands of a specific job.

In recent years, more business owners are setting up home-based companies. Two post IT racks are ideal for house use, which supplies up to eight locations within the house. Depending upon how big the home-based business is this rack supplies up to four phone lines and eight extensions per line. Consumers find that the CATB module offers video from satellite and television for up to six locations at a high quality.

Consumers are thrilled that these racks only take up a corner of the space needed to run effectively, along with a economic cost to the consumer. The types of these racks include the traditional wall-mount style or the swing out models. The consumer needs to decide on what type of cabinet and racks they require for their business that fits their need.

The difference between 2 and 4 post racks is that they are both enclosures for all your IT equipment that are open frame. The two-post rack is much more economical in cost. The four post racks enhance switch cabinets and network enclosures, being a higher-end purchase.

Depending upon which rack to buy, depends upon the business and your networking needs. There are numerous options for the business owner, which answers the solution to handle integrated cable management and supports a full ton of equipment. Some of these racks are more heavy duty.

No Disadvantages of a 2-Post Rack

There are no disadvantages found related to two post racks and in conclusion the following benefits are found.

In Conclusion

  • Cost effective
  • Two post racks take up only a small space or corner of the room when space is at a minimum
  • Easy to maintain
  • Versatile
  • Allows for enhanced airflow
  • Ability to monitor and maintain the wires
  • Allows for isolation of equipment
  • Available in traditional wall-mount style
  • Available in swing out styles
  • Designed with many high end aluminum and steel materials
  • Easily accommodate patch panels, shelves, drawers, and active components
  • Offers a neat and organized structure of a business cabling system, hiding bulky cables on the inside of the rack
  • Shelves are generally 19-inches wide
  • Generally supports a bit over 70-pounds of equipment
  • No need to worry about the depth of the equipment
  • Racks stand up to seven feet in height
  • Cable channels run both sides of the rack
  • Requires anchoring to the floor and or wall, then easily accommodate well over 800-pounds total

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