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Traditionally, gadgets were made with the primary purpose of providing services to their users. However, as gadgets increased, consumers started to be selective about the gadgets they wanted to use. The selection was informed by the services they got from such devices such as easy to use, navigation, and compatibility with the needs of each person.

The compatibility and easy to use brings the issue of user experience on any interface. There are a significant number of gadgets that have improved their user interface with the purpose of enhancing the user experience. Here are some of the devices that have significantly changed and the way they are assisting multiple individuals.

Moleskine’s Smart Writing Kit

There are those guys who are fond of making notes in every seminar or activity they attend. In this world of technology, several gadgets have been made to meet their specific needs. Moleskine writing kit is a gadget that is changing the industry regarding UI UX portfolio. The package combines both digital and analog factors by giving an individual a simple method of making and sharing notes. You can quickly capture ideas while on the move. Using this kit will guarantee the user an integrated and seamless experience.

UX UI Design Man Working From Sketch Napkin Drawing
Using anything and making it great


There is no doubt that the photography industry has been taken to another level by use of smartphone cameras. You will see all kinds of photos on the Instagram platform bearing all sorts of features. However, there is a gadget that will bring capturing pictures into another generation. Turnikit, an iPhone SLR mount, device will be giving users the optional to focus on the images and videos they will be capturing. There is no doubt that individuals will be capturing what they want not what the smartphone dictates them to capture.

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Huion L4S Light Pad

Light interference is one of the main things that affect all individuals who use their laptops to perform various tasks. A designer will always face serious challenges when trying to trace lines with the aim of making good drawings. Huion L4S Light Pad is something that will aid the work of the designer by improving their user experience. This eye-sight protection technology offers individuals an opportunity to sketch and draw with the necessary lighting. Brightness is highly controlled, thus, making drawing a comfortable affair. It can easily be connected to the computer through an in-built USB port.

Gaming gadgets

Gaming is a significant leisure activity for a considerable number of youths around the country. With Sony announcing PlayStation Classic, it is evident that these gadgets will be in demand. However, the emergence of new gaming pads takes the whole experience to another level. Gamers can now enjoy a small integrated pad with few keyboard notes that can perform multiple functions. Not only does it have few touches but it can easily fit on the hand of the user making the whole experience of playing a game more comfortable. Individuals can also get customized designs which will further address their specific needs.

UX UI Design Woman Working Late Office Designing Concept Mac Workstation Late Night Overtime
Design work is hard work but it pays out

The Cube

This is a mobile projector that can be used on any television set out there. This gadget will make your TV screen have a cinematic experience that you have never witnessed before. You can use this mobile projector anywhere and set up a professional presentation that will enhance your user experience that has never been offered by the conventional projectors. With all the colors, this gadget is made to be useful to any person out there.

Samsung Gear 360

The world of photography is changing. You don’t have to take static images that don’t have life in them. You can now go to the next level with Samsung Gear 360, a gadget that will offer you an interface of taking images in a 360. The device with rear lenses and compact camera that will provide you with a user interface provided by no other gadget in the industry. You can use this gadget and get a 360-degree field of view.

Customers continue to demand quality products that meet their expectations; sometimes, they want products that go beyond their expectations. These are gadgets that have a user interface with a changing and a dynamic user experience that will be useful and comfortable for you. However, you need to be prepared to part with some few dollars.

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