TechAcute Won the Web Award: But What Is It About?


With pride and joy, we found out earlier today that TechAcute won the Web Award, and in order to celebrate that a little we also wanted to share with you not only this news but also tell you more about the Web Awards, because they are unique in their own ways. ‘The Web Awards’ is a platform that shines a spotlight on innovative and creative websites. Owners or fans can nominate their favorite websites, which are then evaluated by an AI jury named Paris of Troy. Winning a Web Award brings increased credibility, publicity, and exposure to the winners.

Selection of websites for the Web Awards

Web Awards welcomes nominations from across the digital landscape, reflecting the diversity of the internet itself. The nominated websites can be from any category or industry, from startups to established companies. The key criterion is that they represent innovation, creativity, and value to their audience. Websites can be nominated by anyone – owners, developers, or even fans who admire the work done. This open nomination process ensures a wide variety of websites get the chance to be recognized.


Evaluation process: How Paris of Troy decides who wins

This is where the fun begins. An AI jury to judge who’s hot and who’s not? I was very curious about this at first but eventually, I began to understand that it’s a great solution to avoid any sort of human bias and subjective thoughts that a human jury could have. The evaluation process of Web Awards is unique, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. Paris of Troy, the AI jury, judges the nominees based on a set of concrete valuation criteria, supported by machine learning algorithms.


These are some of the metrics they look at in order to support the decision-making process:

  1. Domain name relevance: How effectively does the domain name align with the website’s purpose and content?
  2. Creativity, originality, and design: Does the website deliver a distinctive user experience? Is the design captivating and visually appealing?
  3. Content value: Does the content offer relevance and value to the target audience?
  4. Tech stacks: How effectively does the website employ technology to enhance functionality and user experience?
  5. Loading speed: How quickly does the site load and respond to user interactions?
  6. Security: How robust is the website’s security? Are there safeguards in place to protect user data? Is it blacklisted anywhere?
  7. Traffic: What is the volume of traffic that the website attracts?

The AI ‘Paris of Troy’ then applies these criteria consistently across all nominees, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation process.

The value of a Web Award

Who doesn’t like to win an award but what is the value beyond the sheer joy of being rewarded for your hard work? Winning a Web Award has several benefits. It enhances the credibility of the website, increases its visibility, and opens doors to new business opportunities. It’s also an excellent recruiting tool, attracting talented individuals who want to work with award-winning teams. Importantly, the awards give equal opportunity to small and large organizations alike, making it a truly inclusive platform for digital recognition.

Photo credit: The images shown as part of this article are owned by the Web Awards and are used with permission.

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Christopher Isak
Christopher Isak
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