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It’s Glowtime: Tabtag’s MacBook Stickers

When going out into clubs or listening to speakers at workshops it is very common to see MacBooks with the white glowing apple on their lid. At some occasions the glowing apple is covered with tape or more or less opaque stickers. Many MacBook owners seem to refrain from putting stickers on their MacBooks because they are concerned about possible residue after their removal.

An Austrian graphic designer started to wonder, if it was possible to use this light source in order to illuminate individual designs. After 3 years of research and development the tabtag was born, a glowing, removable and reusable sticker for MacBooks. The tabtag takes advantage of the glowing apple to illuminate defined parts of designs, making them glow. Produced with a special adhesive film tabtags can be applied, removed and reused many times without residue. Each tabtag is equipped with a transparent tongue which allows easy removal. Should the adhesive side of the tabtag get dusty after several reuses, it can be rinsed with water to improve its adhesive qualities again. tabtags are made with environment friendly materials in Austria.


tabtag-about-logo-pngTo fund their project, the tabtag team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter  and got funded within only 2 weeks. The first tabtag collection includes 18 designs. In addition to that exits the possibility to order custom tabtags with a freely eligible design or branding. Until June 30th it is possible to back tabtag on Kickstarter and help it reach it’s stretch goal. After that it will be possible to pre-order tabtags on tabtag.com.

In order to contribute to self expression, diversity an individual design the team of tabtag will soon offer the chance to designers, illustrators and creative people to contribute their own designs to the growing collection of tabtags and receive a part of the revenue yielded through the sales on tabtag.com. If you want to design tabtags, please contact the team via tabtag.com.

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Volker Lobmayr is graphic designer, art director, entrepreneur working in New York, Madrid and Vienna and now also proud founder of tabtag.com.

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