SWEL Creates Waveline Magnet to Produce Low Cost Green Energy


While things are becoming upgraded, some places on earth remain in an energy crisis. This is an environmental concern to produce green energy from sustainable and renewable energy. To fight back against all these issues, Sea Wave Energy Limited (SWEL) has been researching for more than a decade. Finally, they created a source of green energy named Waveline Magnet. It can produce cheaper electricity generated by the waves from the ocean like Eco Wave Power and deliver the highest output at the lowest price.

What is Waveline Magnet?

Waveline Magnet is a device that converts waves into energy to enhance the power supply. It looks like a spine that consists of connected floating platforms. The floats are attached with the non-buoyant spine pieces past lever arms. The Waveline Magnet floats vertically on top of the sea to the shore and captures high-powered waves. Its shape gives it enough flexibility to move up and down along the waves. This gives the device more control to extract energy from the waves.

SWEL Waveline Magnet testing at Lir, Ireland’s National Ocean Test Facility (Image: SWEL)

When the wave moves through the device, it creates a serpentine motion. As the waves come, it continues to float while its spine stays relatively still. The lever arms drive electricity inside the spine units in upward and downward motions. At peak, the Waveline Magnet can generate 100MW of electricity in the right condition. The power generation doesn’t depend on the size of the wave and doesn’t harm its performance.

Efficiency to produce green energy

The chief technology officer of SWEL, Adam Zakheos, said that “Wave and tidal experts must re-evaluate their thought process and understanding of the wave.” The Waveline Magnet is an effective solution that produces low-cost green energy with the following advantages:

  • The device can be made of recycled materials and doesn’t require any specialized production line or infrastructure. This can be implemented relatively cheaply and can be an ideal solution to generate a green energy supply in coastal areas.
  • The entire device occupies only a few centimeters of the surface area and the materials are per square meter of the device.
  • The simple modular design is advantageous for maintenance, repairmen, production, and transportation. So, the production turnaround time becomes shorter.
  • It enables mass movement according to the wave. It creates a unique interaction regulating the energy extracted in a non-disruptive manner. The synchronization is deployed into the sea area that produces the highest power level no matter what the wave profile is or how extreme weather conditions are.
  • It can also help prevent coastal erosion as it minimizes the impacts of the wave by absorbing the kinetic motion.

Effectivity for commercialization

The spine-like shape of the device gives it enough mobility to survive the treacherous conditions of the ocean. The low-cost materials and maintenance aspect of the Waveline Magnet will make it a game-changer in the wave energy market.

Sea Wave Energy Ltd (SWEL), in collaboration with the University of Cyprus, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, October 23rd, 2018
Sea Wave Energy Ltd (SWEL), in collaboration with the University of Cyprus, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, October 23rd, 2018 (Image: SWEL)

However, SWEL has yet to start commercializing the technology. So far, Waveline Magnet is tested and controlled in every weather condition. It will be set for commercialization once it is optimized with the design and proves its durability in performance. It can be an effective alternative source of power and energy, especially for a low-cost investment.

YouTube: Waveline Magnet Concept Design

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by SWEL and were provided for press usage.

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