Support Sustainability This Christmas With These Eco-Friendly Gifts


The holiday season is upon us, which means Christmas shopping for our loved ones. The struggle of getting the right gift is very real. For me, the best gifts are not only the ones that I’d actually use, but also the ones that make a difference. For that reason, I’ve put together a list of tech (and not-so-tech) presents which are fabulous, as well as socially responsible.

Pela Phone Case

Pela’s mission is to create a waste-free future. To achieve that and to prevent production of excessive plastic, the Canadian company makes phone cases from eco-friendly Flaxstic. This material is made of compostable, bioplastic elastomer and flax straw waste. They use local Canadian suppliers and make products with a long-term demand.

Not only are their wide range of cases for iPhones and Android phones are eco-friendly, the sales of the cases also fund efforts to saving the environment. For instance, purchase of the limited Ripple Effect edition helps provide access of Kenyan communities to clean water. Other product lines’ purchase would help restoring the ocean and protecting marine animals.

Gomi Speakers

We wrote about the British company Gomi Design earlier this year. To remind you, they make stylish and unique Bluetooth speakers out of non-recyclable plastic. The company aims to prevent plastic waste ending up in landfills or being incinerated that contributed to pollution and environmental harm.

By getting a speaker from Gomi, you’d not only be getting a completely unique accessory for your music, but would also be supporting a project that could potentially make a big difference. Currently, the speakers are sold out, but keep an eye out for the new products dropping this Saturday, November 30!

House of Marley Headphones

Co-founded by Bob Marley’s son Rohan in 2008, The House of Marley aims to enhance lives with their high-quality headphones made with sustainable materials such as bamboo and recyclable aluminum. Their over-the-ear headphones, for instance, are designed to deliver the “Marley signature sound” through custom-tuning. The Exodus ANC wireless over-the-ear headphones boast a 28-hour battery life, a 3-hour charge time, Bluetooth 5.0, 50mm HD Drivers, and many other cool features.

Buying the House of Marley headphones will not only get you or your loved ones to enjoy premium sound quality, but also support Project Marley that’s dedicated to reforestation.

Nimble Wireless Chargers

Although founded only last year, Nimble is already making a name for itself in the sea of eco-friendly products. They make their wireless chargers out of recyclable aluminum, plant-based plastic, organic hemp fabric and other recyclable or recycled materials. Nimble also offers same-day delivery to some US cities, using a low-emissions method and plastic-free packaging.

I have one way to describe the stylish chargers – cozy. For those who don’t want their house to look too “techy”, the Nimble wireless chargers are a perfect gift. They’re currently available in the US only.

BioLite FirePit

For barbeque fans, we suggest this Bluetooth-operated wood & charcoal burning fire pit from BioLite. The pit can be controlled manually or with a Bluetooth-enabled phone app. Either way, you would get much less smoke than from a regular pit. It has a Solar Carry Cover which would allow the fire pit to be charged by the sun, thus reducing energy spending.

BioLite’s mission is to bring clean and affordable household energy to both emerging markets and fans of outdoor cooking. These products reduce dangers of open-fire cooking and provide ways to transform energy.

If your friends like to cook outdoors, the FirePit could be a great and sustainable solution. This would also help the company bridge the energy poverty gap.

Atlas Coffee Subscription

Although not quite a “tech” gift, we know that many of us geeks need coffee to get our creative juices flowing. This 3-month subscription from the Atlas Coffee Club allows any coffee fan to try coffee from around the world.

Each month, subscribers would receive a bag or two of freshly roasted coffee, postcards from each country of origin, and brewing tips. The Atlas Coffee Club sources premium single origin coffee from farms around the world, investing in ethically sustainable farming practices.

Such a gift is perfect for any coffee lover! Supporting Atlas’ mission to share the world of coffee and help you explore the world, one cup at a time would also support fair-trade coffee and help the farmers around the world produce the best coffee again and again.

Kind Karma Morse Code Bracelets

Who said that tech lovers couldn’t be stylish? Show off your love for all things geeky with Kind Karma’s Morse Code Bracelets. Made with semi-precious and precious gemstones, and hypoallergenic materials, the accessories aim to promote hope and kindness.

The company aims to create a better world through sustainable fashion, “one youth at a time”. They employ at-risk and homeless youths who are healing from trauma or dealing with mental health issues to create these beads. Kind Karma provides them with opportunities to work and foster their creativity, as well as earn money to empower them to find better opportunities.

What is your favorite sustainability initiative? Can you recommend some other gifts that make a difference? Let us know!

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Kira auf der Heide.
Source: Julian Chokkattu (Digital Trends)

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