Music Just Got Greener With Gomi Speakers


We all love listening to music and surround ourselves with it in any possible way we can. Wouldn’t it be great if one of our favorite activities was also helping the environment? We’re happy to let you know that Brighton-based start-up Gomi has recently made that possible!

Gomi speakers

Named after the Japanese word for “litter”, Gomi is a company focused on turning non-recyclable waste into “desirable objects”. Founded by Brighton University graduates passionate about reducing waste, the company collects non-recyclable plastic and turns it into gorgeous portable speakers.

Each one is made from approximately 100 single-use plastic bags and bubble wrap, melted at a low enough temperature to not emit toxic gas and then molded into speakers. Then, the designers insert electronic and Bluetooth components to complete the functionality.


Thanks to each plastic’s unique look, no two speakers are the same. The designers enjoy playing with the texture and the colors of the models, such as using aluminum compression molds for the plastic to mimic its shiny look.

Gomi didn’t have the smoothest of starts, as is the case for most pioneers of an industry. However, as stated by co-founder Tom Meades in Gomi’s February press release, the designers were determined tointercept a waste stream that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated”. The U.K. authorities don’t usually recycle the materials they use, causing many pollution problems. By giving these materials a second life, the Gomi team takes huge steps towards creating a circular economy.

What’s next?

The eco-friendly product is very user-friendly due to its simplicity. The fun design and the compact shape are just some of the things that sets the Gomi speaker apart. Each speaker has a Bluetooth connection and is operated with a single button. The team employed engineers and audio professionals to ensure the sound quality. The best part about it is that the company intends to offer free repairs.

Eventually, Gomi is hoping to go completely zero-waste. Although they’re currently using electrical parts that aren’t recyclable, they intend to change that in the future. The circular economy idea encompasses their plans to accept speakers with the expired two-year warranty for another recycling process that would lead to a new speaker or product. They hope to have production hubs in countries where plastic waste pollution is a big issue to really make a difference.

Currently, 500 Gomi speakers have been made, but we expect that a lot more will come soon. Perhaps we could soon see the headsets for the ultimate sustainable music experience!

To see the production process of these sustainable high-end tech products, check out the video below.

YouTube: How Nonrecyclable Plastic Bags Are Being Turned Into Speakers

Photo credit: The featured images have been provided by Gomi for press use.

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