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StoryMaze Delivers Interactive Erotic Storytelling

Imagine this: “you are trapped in a maze,” and there is no way out. So you just navigate through it by listening to an alluring stranger’s narration on StoryMaze. StoryMaze is an erotic-story telling mobile app operated by WondersDigital and is available for iOS and in beta for Android. The app has a library of interactive erotic audio stories narrated by various voice artists or “sensual narrators” of your choice.

Curious about how erotic a story can get?

Your erotic virtual adventure will be guided by the choices you make and change according to your direction. You will be the protagonist of your own erotic story and will influence how the story flows. After the end of each story, you can either chose to go back to the beginning and make changes or start a new adventure with another sensual narrator.

Story Maze Erotic Storytelling App
Image: Ujala Chowdhry / TechAcute

The audio tech, besides speakers, entails technologies such as audiobook voice assistance, audio player for your kids, audiobooks, podcasts, etc., and is becoming a huge part of our daily routines. Erotic storytelling is the art of making a story sound real so that the listener feels fully immersed in it.

Involve your partner with StoryMaze

You can also get your partner or a friend involved in the story, and together you can maneuver the sails of your erotic voyage. This will also help you know each other’s likes and dislikes and sexual desires and fantasies. You can sign up to their website and subscribe to their Early Bird program, which features benefits, promotions, and events.

Your personal data, such as your email address, full name, and cookies, will be used to contact you via newsletters and promotional materials. You can always unsubscribe from their contact link. Your ‘usage data’ will be used by the company to analyze your browsing behavior on their app using tracking technologies and cookies’ data.

This will be done just to be able to provide optimum service to enhance your experience with their product.

YouTube: StoryMaze – an interactive sensual storytelling experience

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